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Thread: Save Slots for CAWs

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    Unhappy Save Slots for CAWs

    Hi guys its been a while. I have a question in regard to save slots with CAWs in 2K14.
    Currently I have used 49 slots ( From save slot 1 all the way to save slot 49 )
    of the 100 slots but I'm afraid to push onward with creating anymore.

    My concern has to do with learning that in 2K13 I was reading that the 50th save slot was corrupted
    so i'm not sure if it was fixed in this game or not.

    I'm using the latest PS3 system and All my CAW's are build up from scratch and
    I would like to make a few more CAWs if its possible.

    So my main questions here if anybody can help me out is:

    Is its ok to make more CAWs after save slot 49 in 2K14?
    If it is ok to make more CAW's after save slot 49 in 2K14 is there any Save slots I should avoid saving
    a CAW in after save slot 49.

    Any help is greatly appreciated please and again thanks to those who helped answer my other questions not too long ago. Thanks for your time everyone.

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    I had no problems with it myself. I kept slot 100 clear just in case of needing to make copies or move CAWs around (I try to keep things alphabetical) but I don't remember anyone having issues with having all 100 filled.
    'ALOT' is NOT A WORD!
    There's a space between the 'a' and the 'lot'. Similarly with the 'words' below...

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    i used all the slots in 2k14 without a problem on ps3

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    I also used all 100 slots across four different saves with no issues. I'm sure you will be fine.


    I'm on PS3 as well.

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    Ah ok! Thanks guys that makes me feel better. Thanks again for your time.

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