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Thread: How are you supposed to win the first supply raid mission?

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    How are you supposed to win the first supply raid mission?

    I'm on my second game now, and it's probably going to end the same as the first. The chosen assassin shows up as well as regular advent AND the lost on this supply raid, and the containers I am supposed to be tagging are being (seemingly) automatically tagged and retrieved by advent before I can get to them. This happened on my first game too and I had to evac, this time I guess the game can only handle so many lost on screen at once and crashed. Playing ironman because why not.

    I had the reaper lady and mox, with a ranger, grenadier, and medic specialist and just can't do anything with the assassin constantly dazing and blinding my troops.

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    When the Chosen gets viewed by your troops, any timers on the map, including the enemy tagging supply crates, stops until he Chosen is dead.

    I would suggest taking out the assassin first, then deal with the rest of the map. In particular, the Assassin will always come towards you (the other two bomb you from long range with delaying abilities). So as soon as you see the Assassin warp in, just cool it and hold your position instead of engaging more enemy troops (or finish off whatever little engagement you're in). Overwatch/reload whatever until she comes in with her sword blazing, then do your best to kill her asap. You may be waiting a turn or two but she's coming for you guaranteed without you need to get bogged down fighting both advent + her at the same time.

    Don't keep your troops too tightly clustered or her blinding bomb/harbor wave will keep you frustrated. If you can avoid her crowd control, she should be able to only daze one of your guys every so often with her sword attack. Just keep reviving anyone who is dazed, take out any adds she summons, and pump her full of lead whenever you can.

    Once she's dead, then run around the map and try to clean it as fast as you can. I wouldn't try to chase marking the crates down, I would just try to clear all the units. Once you clear all the units, you automatically win the mission and collect whatever supply crates are left.

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    I guess I could try that next time, what about the lost though? The grenades she uses causes them to swarm I think, and trying to kill her with squaddies & corporals without grenades is going to be tough. It's cool they attack the advent guys tho, before the game crashed an officer got surrounded and beat down heh.

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    Remember too that the supply raid is not like the retaliation missions. You don't need to get a certain of crates to win. You only need to get as many as you can and will get extra supplies proportional to how many crates you do get.

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    The early game can be rough, and I too have lost missions on legendary with lost in it due to the interaction with the explosives.

    You have several options:

    1) You can just let her extract information from a dazed soldier, at which point she leaves the mission. This will probably allow you to succeed in the immediate mission but she will attack your base earlier.
    2) You can try to use explosives to quickly deal with her and hack your way through the lost later. Lost are annoying but generally will not cause deaths.
    3) You can try not using explosives on her. You can get the shredder perk at corporal on a grenadier for instance, or just hit her with a lot of flanking shots.

    I prefer number 2.

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    My first supply raid went similarly, I just concentrated on taking out enemies and keeping my guys alive and sacked off the extra supplies as a bad deal. They're nice but not worth the risk in such an enemy heavy situation.

    My second supply raid was pretty much the same too. This was the warlock not the assassin though and I was just constantly under siege from the Lost, Advent and his spectral zombie things. By the time I got to where he was on the map I had three guys an inch from death and I remember thinking there was no way I could take him out without half a squad wipe at least. At that point I didn't realise that the Chosen left after extracting data though so he dazed one of my rangers, extracted his info and then scarpered and I only had to clean up a few lost and one trooper.

    In summary I would say that if the Chosen are too much, don't revive the first person they daze and let them take the info and leave.

    Interesting that timers stop while the Chosen are active, I hadn't spotted that.

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    I'd do the Sectoid Autopsy ASAP and get your troops Mindshields. They make your soldiers immune to mental affects like daze, stun, panic, mind control, etc. So right there you take away one of the Chosens' more annoying tools against you.

    If you've got Lost headed your way, take them out first, because they're usually pretty easy. And the Assassin seems obnoxious to fight until you've encountered her enough to figure out how she operates. Pay attention to her weaknesses and exploit those, and she'll drop like a wet paper bag.

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    I'm replaying Legendary and I just had the scenario described by OP; it is indeed a tough one. First off, I would suggest don't even try to get the supply drops unless they are directly in your way. In the end I managed to "recover" exactly 1 crate but that's just fine when the mission is this tough (you have 4 underdeveloped soldiers, fighting assassin who is guaranteed to damage you a couple times, and using explosives brings in more lost). I think even if you recover 0 supply crates you can still get a mission success, which is all you're really looking for as opposed to squad wiping.

    Some very specific tactical things I did:

    1) Right after I ambushed the first pod of 2, the chosen assassin appeared. At this point I deliberately halted my advance, bunched all my 4 soldiers together and reloaded their guns while waiting for her to sword strike.

    2) I think she always starts off with the sword strike, which does 4 damage at this point and dazes the target. You should have everyone next to a buddy in preparation for this first strike so you can immediately revive the target without having to awkwardly move first. After the first strike, spread out as you don't want multiple characters getting ☺☺☺☺ on by harbor wave/blinding bomb.

    3) She rolled shell shocked, which I knew from the first time we met. I wantonly dumped grenades on her for 6 damage guaranteed apiece whenever I could get within range of her. I stayed on the ground floor, and she retreated upstairs. I watched where she went, ascended a ladder with a grenadier and blew the floor from under her for some additional fall damage. She went down pretty fast. I attracted lost, and in fact this is what got one of my squaddies killed but it was worth getting rid of her quickly. The squaddie who got killed had already taken a sword in the face, and a couple dashers finished him off. I maybe could have positioned him more carefully so the lost would have targeted someone else first, but he was disoriented and I already had him kill a few lost in the same turn so it's hard to say...

    It might have helped if I had the reaper available for this mission; she was tired but maybe I should have taken her anyways. The reason why is because due to adversary reaper + shell shocked, her claymore does something like 12 or more damage to the chosen...I think this is worth keeping in mind that the assassin's adversary is always the reaper if you do the story mission so if you expect the assassin you may want to bring in the reaper even if tired for the MASSIVE claymore damage.

    After the chosen was downed, there was a pod of 3 left. It was definitely stressful because I only had 3 men myself and the enemy was lancer/priest/trooper. A careful overwatch trap luckily killed the lancer as he came dashing in from high cover, and the priest spent a stasis on a Lost at which point I was breathing much easier. I used some height advantage from one character and a stock shot from another to kill the trooper and then I snowballed to victory after that.

    I got a squaddy grenadier killed (sad : / ) and only recovered 1 supply crate, but I'm totally 100% ok with that outcome. The GTS is churning out new grenadiers feverishly. I got a couple promotions to sergeant from that mission which means I can buy squad size I now and things should be going more smoothly in general as I can accept most covert ops missions (lots of them are sergeant locked) in addition to the squad size upgrade.

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    Well that's unfortunate, I usually plan on the first supply raid to get alloys for early mag weapons..or at least that's how I played the base game. I continued my game after evacing what was left of my squad and the only source of alloys has been the black market. Maybe this mission will be patched as it's much more difficult than anything else I've seen so far.

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    This mission was really easy for me, no lost or chosen. Playing on Commander though. Map was nice and open, managed to get over half the crates. Some crates were a gold colour as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IG88 View Post
    This mission was really easy for me, no lost or chosen. Playing on Commander though. Map was nice and open, managed to get over half the crates. Some crates were a gold colour as well.
    I started a new game and got the mission without chosen or lost, and it is much easier. The crates still automatically turn red for some reason though, but apparently only start doing so after you break concealment. I screwed up and didn't realize they put you in concealment now and broke it having my sniper shoot on the first turn and only got one crate.

    Still seems like the mission bugged, advent should have to walk around the map like the player and activate the crates to take them.

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    Not all supply raid have you chasing crates before they airlift. When it happens though I find that its pointless to rush trying to tag crates as it seems they always yank them right under your nose even when you dangerously hustle. I find it better focus on wiping all the pods and instantly claim all the crates that are left on the map.

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