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Thread: Card Catalog is broken?

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    Card Catalog is broken?

    The Card Catalog seems to only show cards that you currently have, instead of showing all the cards that you've ever had like it's supposed to.

    As soon as you Train, Pro, or Delete away your last copy of a card, it disappears from the Catalog. This is most obvious for cards that you have a Pro of but don't have the base version anymore -- the Catalog only shows the Pro version, even though it is impossible to get to a Pro without having had the base version.

    Is everyone else having this problem?

    EDIT (9/12): Exiting the app and/or logging out and back in seems to be what triggers the Catalog to 'reset'. If you stay in the app, cards that you get rid of seem to stay in your Catalog until you leave and come back to the app.
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    that's annoying, clearly something that wasn't tested. Explains why my uncommon supports aren't in the catalog at all but all the rare ones are. (also only 4 unique supports in this game for single stat boosts? makes no sense)
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    This is indeed a bug, and we're now working on a fix. Thanks for the report!

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    I think the individual stat boosts is a result of the new abilities like triple threat. As the game progresses it will be important to get the right balance team with abilities

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