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Thread: Help me choose between builds

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    Help me choose between builds

    I'm having trouble choosing between a big pg slashing shot creator or a lanky SF sharpshooting shot creator. Any advice? I can't figure out if I want nasty dunks or above average 3 pointer...decisions....decisions

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    If I were have to battle with you, I'd do that SF Sharp & Shot Creator. Thats a helluva shooter right there. But a slashing shot creator sounds good too but it'll probably be better and stronger if it was a forward.

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    I'm going with a shot creator primary and a passing and ball handling secondary, either 6'3" - 6'5" pg/sg or a 6'8" sf. Its a good overall build for me, dunks are decent compared to other builds. A pure shot creator is not a bad look either, depends on how you play.

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