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    CAP is one of the most used features in 2k. But seeing this could be a deal breaker for a lot of people. I don't know why they added such restrictions on a feature that many didn't have a problem with.

    My main concern was that the create a player is severely limited this year. You can't sculpt player faces and have to choose from a low amount of preset options and sliders. The guy in the video tried to make Reggie Miller and didn't get close. Every time he was going through options, the player's face barely changed if at all. This is a big deal to those who make custom rosters/draft classes and want to add current missing players like Reggie, Barkley, etc.

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    I am extremely disappointed in the create a player system this year. I'm a MyLeague player who enjoys creating draft classes or making created players. I've always had my issues with 2ks create system but not so much to cause me to post something. For example my minor issues are why no tattoo's for draft classes & standard body builds no matter weight or size. These seem like simple fixes but now with the VERY limited options seems 2k is more focused on VC then anything. Just look at the menu screen its 2k17 just red but not a big deal. Meaning, other game modes are the focus cause of VC with card packs tattoo's clothes & ect. With MyLeague/GM there is no money to be made. I do realize they have made good changes to these modes but half the fun is building a dynasty through draft classes. With such a drop off in creating, this is no longer the case. Its more of a headache then anything. All the good things 2k brings to the table, its sad when you have less options then in previous years.

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