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Thread: NBA 2K17 MyCareer/MyPlayer wishlist

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    Ok so personally I have issues with My Career And made this account to hopefully have someone see them here

    1. I should be allowed to have a myplayer with the ability to be 99 on every stat, I personally don't like the park and all of that. So being banned from that for having a character who can have these attributes would be fine with me.

    2. The archetypes suck, I should be atleast decent on defense instead of a complete idiot.

    3. I enjoyed the Justice Young player, but I'd like to able to play with ATLEAST one friend on MyCareer. Maybe even allow us to team up like MyPark on the same team, but I have friends and we always trash talk about being in the same league with our MyPlayers in myCareer.

    4. Bring back the ability to tell the GM or coach who you want him to get in free agency or who you want traded. Make it a trust thing, create a front office trust meter that has levels as to what you can influence on the team.

    5. Allow some type of trash talk or rival type conversations with other players/about others with media. I wouldn't mind being hated by most other players in the league.

    6. Do away with the story. It's just like there trying too hard to make it more immersive. If you want a story make it fluid through press conferences and in game commentary instead of cut scenes we have no real control over.

    7. Let me be assigned to guard the best player on the other team, no reason I have to sit by and watch guys like Lillard go off while I'm stuck in the corner with Allen Crabbe.

    8. The high school portion sucks, it should be 1 game and that's the all American mcdonalds game or something like it. Depending how I do that should determine my draft stock ENTERING college.

    9. i know realness is a staple in this game series but I wouldn't mind just disappearing when it's time for me to do something outside of my home, I spent too much time watching my guy pick up his gym back and walk out.

    10. I thought the grandmaster badges were great. Keep those. Forever.
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    2K is really screwing this game. Turnovers are a constant issue. Every time there is an update my jump shot that was wonderful before goes to crap. They need to separate mycareer offline from mypark. They're trying to make our players worse and that's just messed up. I have a 94 overall shot creator and he was doing great before this last update and now all of a sudden he can't make a single shot and can't get around the defense at all. And every time I touch anybody I turn the ball over and fall down floundering for 3 seconds with no hope of getting the ball back or getting back on defense. And if I even tap the x button to steal the ball my player freaking tackles the opponent. 2K really needs to fix some big issues instead of fixing animations of people bumping into you from behind and slowing you down.

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    1. Do away with archetypes. They create players that are not unique, and are typically good at only 1 thing while being average or worse at all other things. This makes for the creation of role players, as opposed to star players. A great player like a LeBron, Kawhi, Westbrook, or Harden can impact the game in more than 1 way. So, if, for instance, they're having a rough shooting game, they can play lockdown defense, rebound, make plays for other, etc..

    2. Instead of 1 attribute upgrade increasing a preset amount of subcategories (steals, blocks, post defense, lateral quickness) within a main category (defense), give the user the opportunity to increase the amounts of the subcategories at their discretion. For example, instead of 1 attribute upgrade increasing steals, blocks, lateral quickness, and post defense by +5, allow the user to be able to increase steals by +20, or steals and blocks by +10. This will ensure the uniqueness of every player.

    3. Remake the badge system. Make it so that you can only get badges on subcategories you have at least a 70+ rating on. You're able to pick which 5 upgradable badges you want, but in order to reach silver you need a 77+ rating, gold is 84+ rating, and hall of fame is 91+ rating.

    4. Do away with full court passes that constantly go out of bounds, behind-the-back dribbles that constantly result in turnovers if a defender is in the area, and missed layups. If you watch an NBA game, these events are rarities, yet in 2k they happen all the time. These are supposed to be the best players in the world, not rec league bench warmers.

    5. No more shot meter on layups. It slows down the layup animation which results in too many layup attempts getting blocked. I understand the idea of wanting to add skill into the making of layups, but I don't think it's necessary. They are the easiest shots in basketball. Let the player's layup rating determine how successful they are on tough layups.

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    Was pointed here by support, pasting in my issue:

    Currently, if you want to save state during a game in any mode you only have one option: Save and Quit. I have a weak internet signal that sometimes cuts out for a few seconds. When I'm playing MyCareer this stops my game no matter where I'm at and spits me out to the main menu, forcing me to restart the game (sometimes many times).

    The only safeguard I have is to Save and Quit at some point during the game in case my internet cuts out at some point, which again spits me out at the main menu but at least I can re-enter the game at the point I left it. I realize it may not be super easy but can you not see the advantage of having a Save option that allows me to continue the game as well? How about it auto-save's when the internet cuts out? I bet that one would be more difficult, I'll take whatever I can get.

    Is this something that is even on the radar or should I just try to get a better internet connection?

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    First thing that I think that needs to change is the point cap, if a player is willing to put the work in he or she should be able to build all stats not just certain ones, a player should not have to pick and choose the 100 point cap needs to go. The next thing that I would like to see is some kind of badge tracking, so a user can see how close he or she is getting to the badge that they are currently trying for.

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    Wanted to add my feedback for the devs.. hope it helps with balancing the game for the community.

    1. Fundamentals not truly rewarded in MyPark/ProAm, everyone catches and just goes...
    2. Pump fakes dont keep player out of play once done, can still block players

    SOLUTION: (old school fundamentals, JAB STEPS & MORE REWARD FOR PUMP FAKES)

    1. JAB STEPS:
    + Consider making the (3 point stance) jab steps more powerful & quicker
    + Right now, the slower ones are really pointless...
    + But the quicker jab steps can be used at times for a little boost out of catching ball
    + This would help bigger players with lower dribble moves...
    + Example: Think of Larry Legend, to jab the guy off him, then pump fake... into a driving pull up

    Against other players, this would allow better spacing... since players would setup by doing these moves rather then catch and go trying to beat the guy all the time -- making it more realistic.

    + If a real player(on defense) is holding down Auto Defense(LT on PS4), And real-player has good Offense IQ/Badge/or some mechanic you choose, The defender bites and moves toward offensive player automatically(penalizing for holding auto defense)... thus allowing the player to get around defender by exploding out of 3-Point Stance.
    + If Defense player is not holding Auto Defense, defender is really out of position or not ready to defend... and Defense ability cannot degrade the offense players attribitures, so Offense Player can do quick shot or explosion out of jab step with some advantage over the defender.

    This would help larger players who face up... and smaller guards. Also, would give more skill based opportunities to players who read how defender plays defense.

    1. When playing MyTeam, I love running, playing, dribbling like old-school legends (ex. M.J. or Magic or Larry) - not possible in MyPlayer
    2. Everyone on MyPark, runs the same, style is same(unless they custom dribble moves), and visual play-style is same

    SOLUTION: A bit more "Habits or Style" customization in MyPlayer:
    1. Basic Running
    2. Basic dribble stuff(not specials)
    3. Habits/Play Style of the Myplayer(in likeness to real players & historic players)

    In MyPark, players may wish to have an overall play-style like a legend or current player in NBA.
    This gives, MyPlayer chance to:
    + Modify basic run style (MJ runs different than Magic in MyTeam)
    + Modify basic dribble walking, running, and basic stuff
    + Modify how Myplayer plays: old-school fundamental, explosive, etc (similar to archetypes, but with old school or something that rewards players for playing slow and relaxed... this would make Online play more realistic for good players -- some players don't want to keep dribbling around... they want to make 1 move off the catch, then go.)

    3. Body Style Customization

    It was nice in 2K16 to elevate or lower players waistline, leg length, etc... this gave some uniqueness to MyPlayers.


    + Consider making Jab Steps a more crucial part of offense (it will slow Online Mode to More Realistic Gameplay)
    + Consider rewarding Pump Fakes on the Wing & Down Low (if player jumps, he should be out of the play)
    + Consider MyPlayers to customize run style, dribble style, habits (MyTeam historic players play/feel different then other players)
    + Consider giving MyPlayers an old-school (smart-type) player who is rewarded when using fundamentals on offense... to avoid this crazy dribbling moves in one spot... and give taller players more opportunity to explode of dribble. Basically, players who dont dribble alot, give them options to play better.

    Hope that helps, thanks for listening...

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    Mainly I would like the team to stop with the pretentious gimmicks like the ridiculous amount of cut scenes, stupid celebrations and replays it's annoying. Maybe make it easier to SKIP it. Too much time is spent on this rather than things like the passing mechanics. I run simple pick and rolls with my myplayer and try to pass the ball to the screener rolling to the basket and the pass goes to someone across the floor resulting in a turnover. The most ridiculous thing however is that while playing my myplayer I play on hall of fame difficulty and it should be hard. However HOF should actually be GOD mode because any player you try to guard shoots 50+ a game even if that's not "their game" aka a high volume shooter. I feel like every game my opponent is trying to have a Kobe Bryant 81 point game. Priorities guys....

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    MyCareer/Storyline wishes:

    1. The storyline was much better this year (the social/political commentary in previous years was insufferable). It would be cool to add some type of feud/rivalry with another player/team in the next game, think Bos-La in the 80's, NY-Chi in the 90's, etc.

    2. Some type of badge progression list would be nice as well. Not knowing how many of "x" you are short for a badge is a little annoying.

    3. The ability to have multiple players without a huge drop off for second/third/fourth players would be awesome as well. The ability to grab a different type of player without a drop off of 20 points overall would allow gamers to play whatever type of player fit the needs of their group at that moment.

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    I honestly can't stand how far this mode has slid since 2K15 for the PS4. There's way too much they've mishandled with this since then and it's disappointing to me because MyCareer is really all I play.

    - There's no way a rookie should be a first round pick and released after the first season by a team that drafts him. Absolutely NONE. They managed to get this right in the PS3 version. In 2K15 for the PS4, okay. You're on a one year deal as an undrafted rookie. It makes sense. Even in 2K16, the way it was explained, fine. But in 2K17? It's nonsensical. It really is.

    - Also, as referred to above, this mode is way too heavy on the sidekick element. Why force the person to play alongside someone if they don't want to? It's almost a literal cheat fest if you stick with him, it's entirely shattered if you opt to move on without him. Commentary won't recognize the split and there's no point to playing it.

    You should be able to play at MINIMUM 3-4 years with whatever team drafts you. I do wish that the social media thing were a bit more connected and you had the ability to either make friendships or enemies with other players. Have organic friendships and rivalries based on your performance, how you respond to others and so on. In the midst of trying to be all Hollywood about this, I feel like the mode has gotten away from what makes it great to begin with. Enough with the cut scenes. Get back to the game we all love.

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    I'm not sure if your team has picked the tracks that will appear on 2k18, but could you guys run polls or surveys on which billboard charted songs fans would like to see in the game? I feel that putting the music in the hands of the fans will satisfy the entire community, and you can also run alternate polls in case music liscensing gets too steep. This would alleviate most of the music complaints

    Could we have a connected Online MyCareer similar to how madden does theirs? We could invite our friends to our career sessions as players, coaches, or gms. Playing cpu games on their own time, just like how Online gm is, and then sending an invite to play against each other.
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    Please, please, please...can you make MyCareer mode MY Career? I play MyCareer so I can solo run Pro Am. I don't care to sit through the agonizing experience that have been creating and then getting to the point where I can start running Pro Am that was 2K16 and 2K17. If you want to create an "Experience" then fine. But for ☺☺☺☺'s sake give me the option to skip all the ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺. I don't care about Spike Lee or Aaron Covington's "vision of a young kid coming up through the NBA." I just want to play the damn game. Can you give us the option to skip through the storyline if it has no actual bearing on player progression?
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    Hi Team,

    I am very disappointed as I purchased the 2k17 via steam from the Dominican Republic and I cannot download the MYNBA2k17 app on my phone due to country restrictions, I mean you guys took my money but won't allow me to use the same features as other players because I am not in US soil dissappointing it is.

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    Please stop scripted stories at My Career mode and give us freedom!

    As a huge basketball fan I have been buying NBA 2K every year since 2008. It's definitely the best basketball game out there. And like most people, I always loved My Career mode. That mode is like making a fantasy come true and being a great basketball player at NBA.

    But my problem starts with NBA 2K16's My Career mode. It was the first one that has a scripted career mode. And it ultimately destroyed what I love about the game most. Now it became not my career, but someone else's career. The scripted story moves forward as it should whatever I do and I absolutely had no control at it. 2K17 and 2K18 followed this trend. Now I can't play My Career mode anymore because its not and never feels like "ME". All the charm of this mode has gone. And probably this will be the first time since 10 years that I won't buy NBA 2K because of that frustration.

    I would like a My Career mode which really feels like "MYSELF", not someone else. With making a scripted story the game designers are taking away the most important element of the career mode.

    Make it more RPG style. If you are an Amerikan let the story draft you from high school or university as your choice. If you are an European get drafted from Euro League. If you are neither of them get drafted as a promising young international basketball star taking his shot at NBA.

    Don't fill the story with annoying side characters in reality we would never be friends with. Just DON'T MAKE A STORY! The moment you make a story you rip us from our story. Let us make our story with choices and the cutscenes that choices follow, not with pre-scripted cutscenes. Give us dialogue options in these cutscenes so it gives us a chance to act more like ourselves.

    Let us choose our manager from several options which will have pros and cons by the choice. Let My Career shape with our actions and choices, not forced stories. Make dialogue options and make them matter with our teammates, fans and our image as a star at the press.

    Previous My Career modes' after game press conferences were excellent. There were four options to answer press' questions and all had an effect with our teammates, fans, star value and press. Too bad it has been ditched at recent games. Bring it back!

    Also stop giving our character a generic black person's voice. I'm an European white guy, why should my character have to sound ike that? It looks and sounds so stupid, especially when you face scan. I read that most black players don't like that voice either. Just give as different sound options for our character.

    In general 2K should make My Career less scripted and more like RPG with freedom of choices. If 2K's scripted story trend will continue in the future games I'm afraid that no matter how good gameplay and graphics become I'm not gonna buy them because of my favorite mode got butchered.

    I understand that as a game designing point its much easier to make a scripted story mode and much harder to make more RPG style with lots of different options to go as you play. But that is the point of "MY" Career mode, isn't it?

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    Question, I bought two pair of shoes in the career mode online store and can't find them. I did restart but still nothing.

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