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Thread: General Feedback Thread

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    Hello, I just wanted to come here to give my thoughts about the newest 2k. This game is so poorly made that it has seriously affected my health because of how much stress it causes. I have played nba 2k from the very first one and loved it. This newest version sucks so bad in gameplay, difficulty, and pretty much everything. You made it so complicated for no reason. Things you made so complicated for no reason: dribbling, making a layup or dunk because they fumble every pass and miss every layup, having to use the right stick and memorize 15 different moves on the right stick just to make a layup or dunk instead of just x, making great plays and passing around for open layups only for the player to take 5 seconds to settle themselves before shooting a missed layup, the buzzer not making noise when the clock is winding down, free throws- just make them like 2k16 was. EVERYTHING IS A STRUGGLE AND GRIND TO MAKE 1 BASKET. Make the game fun again and go back to the way nba 2k16 played you idiots. Make it offensively oriented. People enjoy making baskets, not having to figure out a puzzle just to make 1 basket. I loved 2k16, it played perfectly and you went ahead and messed the game up. Please fix the game and go back to this playing style in 2k16. Please. None of my friends or family play this new 2k, everyone knows how much it sucks.

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    Dallas, Texas
    We need iPhone X support! I emailed 2K Support and they said to send my request here. This is for iOS 2K18. Please update the app so it takes advantage of the screen on the iPhone X. Thanks!

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    Nba 2K18 IOS:
    Can you add new uniforms for the teams ?,can you improve the graphics of game in iPhone 6/6s? And can you add the dunk contest and three points contest for this version of nba 2k or next one?.

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    For the most part, I'm enjoying the game. I like the expanded archetypes for mycareer, and I really like how the dribble moves and passing animations feel this year. That said, there's a LOT of issues.

    1. TURNOVERS. Holy crap the turnovers are such bs this year, and it's worse when you're a point guard because you handle the ball more. I do not appreciate having a shot creating playmaker with maxed ball handling getting stripped by 3rd string nobodies with a low steal attribute. Driving to the hoop only to dribble the ball off of a defender's leg is extremely irritating. It's far from realistic. Getting stripped because you got double teamed for more than a second is infuriating as well. Many times I don't even have time to locate the open man and make the pass and they just take the ball from me on the double team. It's so stupid.

    2. BAD AI TEAMMATES. If anything is just as infuriating as unforced bs turnovers, it's relying on your teammates not to make stupid decisions. I run a lot of pick and roll, and hitting the roll man is always a big gamble because if they get the ball and the defense collapses on them, then they wont pass it back out for a better shot. Doesn't matter how much time is left on the shot clock or how open the point or wing players are, they just try to force a layup and get blocked or miss nearly every time. The other issue is that I will hit the roll man as he's driving to the hoop and even when he's got a decent lane to make an easy layup or dunk, the ball will get knocked out of his hands and go out of bounds. It happens A LOT. Way way way too much to even be close to realistic. It's like they have no grip on the ball whatsoever.

    3. THE NEIGHBORHOOD. It's pointless, 2K. What is the point of having to load into literally everything you do? Especially when the loading times are so painfully long? Wanna play a MC game? Load the pre-game show, which loads the locker room, which just adds an unnecessary screen where you basically just wait to press X to continue. Then you gotta wait for your player to slowly jog out to the shootaround. Wanna change you're overpriced clothing or equip shoes for endorsement VC? Run to your high rise, then load a screen, and select that yes you do actually want to go to your high rise. Why all the extra steps 2k? What is the point of wasting ppl's time? OH WAIT I KNOW! It's so that everything you do is so painstakingly slow that you'll be more tempted to spend your real life money on VC. Did you really think people wouldn't be upset about this?

    4. CUSTOM T-SHIRT FEATURE SUCKS. Why even have it? You can't just make your own custom shirts to instantly put on your player, you gotta get votes and rely on the garbage taste of the 2K community to decide what's good enough to go on your player. Stupid.

    5. B FRESH. The only way this character would be worthwhile is if you could burn her to death with a flamethrower at some point in the game. She is extremely annoying. A 100/10 on the cringe scale, and whoever wrote this character needs to be fired.

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    Nba 2K18 iOS if it possible can add the the multiplayer? but if you can't add to this nba 2k18 can you add this feature to the next to nba 2k please?

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    There should be an app for this forum.

    I agree with that.
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    I don't know if it's a bug or something but I be getting messages from Bryan saying that I'm not wearing Jordan shoes when I'm actually am. Please fix this bug 2k.

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    PLEASE fix the zig zag on park. It's horrendous. That and the snatch back.

    I cannot tell you how many cheeseball pure sharps pull these moves ONLY and CONSTANTLY. No dribble moves, no coming off screens, just the two full cheese moves. How about making them stumble slightly on the zig or make it SUPER easy to rip them coming off the zig zag. Even better would be making a shot off zig zag "poor shot selection". This move ruins park IMO. It's got to be nerfed.
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    Is there a way to olay 5v5 with all 10 of my friends

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    2K18 Plays Like a 1994 Basketball Game

    The lag is out of this world! Just in your my player. The developers are trash! You're not giving consumers what they paid for. A total misrepresentation. They need to work on their server situation. It was fine when I first bought the game and it's just gotten way worse. I've spent money on the game, VC and the ps network just to be able to play online and the game isn't up to par. The previous games developed by Spike Lee and Lebron were way better. They dropped the ball on this one. I noticed it plays a lot faster when you're not online, so it's definitely their network because I've got the highest speed of internet you can get. I play just fine on Battlefield. I could go on about this forever, but at the end of the day, 2K won't do anything about it. Total garbage. Fix your ☺☺☺☺!!!!

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    could probably write a book about all the things that are wrong with this game. The most egregious ones being that it takes forever to get cap breaker and the "balancing" the game employs. My guy is 88 overall, it shouldn't take 20 games to get one point better.

    As far as balancing is concerned, this following situation happens to me every game. I'll be demolishing the other team, some times ahead by 30 plus points at the end of the 1st quarter. Then in the second quarter, every time I try to drive, I'll lose the ball. Every time I shoot, I'll miss even though it's wide open and a good release. If I pass, it'll either be dropped by my teammate or the pass will go directly into the opponents hands even though they are nowhere near my teammate. If the pass does reach the intended target, they'll either do a pointless step back so that the defense can close in on them before they shoot, or they'll miss a wide open shot. And these aren't the Kings or some other scrub team, this is the Boston Celtics. There's no way Gordon Hayward or Kyrie Irving would waff on 4 open shots in a row. Furthermore, the opposing team somehow turns into an all star team, I literally just had the guy I'm guarding hit 4 contested deep range 3's on me in a row. They even do it without running a play. They'll just dribble the ball until the clock almost runs out and then jack up a shot that swishes through the net. On top of that my team suddenly forgets how to play defense and they'll just leave their man wide open over and over so even if I do manage to stop the guy I'm guarding he'll pass it and my teammates will be nowhere near the guy they are supposed to be defending. Maybe once in a while it's okay but these guys literally hit every shot they take during this period of "balancing" and it's ridiculous how impossible some of the shots they hit are.

    On a final note, I'd recommend the developers take a look at the textures and how they interact. I constantly get the ball dribbled through my character. And I don't mean getting blown by, I mean the opponent is just sitting there dribbling and I'm literally standing where's he dribbling and the ball is going through the body when it should be a bump steal or at least a loose ball. This also applies to passes where I'll stand in between who has the ball and the target and the ball will just go through me.

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    Level 90 PG Playmaker/Slasher
    Level 88 C pure athletic finisher
    Level 87 SG 3Pt Sharpshooter
    Xbox one

    My Issues with NBA2K18 (MyCareer)
    - 1. Shooting is pathetic/terrible
    Animations are out of sync, jump shot creator makes it worse.
    Which causes the Timing indicator to be completely useless
    Even 99 rated 3pt shooters still shoot 30% from the 3pt line
    - 2. Parts of the MyCareeer game play aren't realistic.
    Ex. When on offense, a defensive player can simply put an arm out and it causes your player to slow down.
    No way a person simply putting there arm out would impact the running player and cause them to slow down that much.
    - 4. When under that basket and trying to get out of the lane (avoid 3 second call) a player can basically hold you in place.
    The defense stance sticks, despite the fact that you are trying to run out of the lane.
    - 5. Ball impact and character impact is still WAY off.
    Ex. My characters body can go completely through the ball-handler (the ball and their arm) and there is no impact.
    - 6. B Fresh is completely annoying
    - 7. The Juice guy gives you a +1 Training drill only AFTER you do the 3 main drills from practice.
    The problem is you have to leave practice (wait for loading screens), talk to the guy and go back (wait for loading screens)
    then do one more training drill and then leave practice again (more loading screens)
    Why not just allow the player to talk to the juice guy before entering practice and just do all 4 training drills at once.
    - 8. In the end, this GAME is SUPPOSED TO BE FUN, and it isn't.
    I understand that real NBA players have to grind to be awesome, but this is a game, game players shouldn't be required to work that hard.
    Give us a rookie level, allow the casual player to be awesome.
    And give extras/rewards for the players that do grind to be even more awesome, not make it a requirement.
    If I want to put the game on Rookie level and get 100 points, 30 assists, 20 steals and 15 rebounds, I should be able to do that.
    NBA2K18 has no rookie level and your players absolutely suck at shooting (even sharpshooters), which is not fun.
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    I'm stuck on which one to play with. which one should I play with a 85 overall 6'5 pure shot creator point guard with the default wingspan and 200 pounds or a 91 overall
    6'6 playmaking shot creator shooting guard with the wingspan maxed out with the lowest possible weight
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    Some of these will be trivial problems to some, if not alot of people but these are things I'd like to see patched for this years game and/or added for NBA 2K19....

    1. Team Relocation/Team Rebranding:

    1. Sync the Location/Team Nicknames properly. When I change a teams City/Team Name to a name that exists in the game, the announcers should still call the correct names, instead of saying "The Home Team" or "The Road Team" or just abrutbly skipping the teams name all together when announcing previous game scores "The Bulls edged out the *silence* 104 to 94. Example, since when you rebrand the Bulls, there is a glitch that switches their home and away jerseys, giving them their road jerseys for their home jerseys and their home jerseys for road jerseys, I decided to trade my Bulls roster to the 10-11 Bulls, replaced the current team with them when starting my season, then I rebranded the team and it corrected this issue but now the announcers won't call them "Chicago" or the "Bulls", they call them "The Home Team" or skip it entirely. Sync this up so it registers the correct name as long as it's a actual team name. Also, adding the Seattle Supersonics as one of these team names would be great. Right now at best you might get them to say "Chicago", but as long as I've rebranded a team, I'll never hear "Bulls" again. And I rebranded all 30 teams, so yeah, kind of frustrating.

    2. In the relocation/rebrand menu there is an option called "Team Colors" under the "Team Rebranding" tab, you can pick 3 colors to be the teams "Primary, Secondary and Tertiory" Colors. IT DOES NOT WORK. The only place these colors are seen other than this screen, is on the download rebranded teams screen. But they do not work in any team function. Allow us to pick the 3 colors, and have them match the accessories labeled "Uniform Color 1" which would be the "Primary" color chosen, "Uniform Color 2" which should be the "Secondary" Color chosen and "Uniform Color 3" which should be the "Tertiory" color chosen. I assumed that would be the case, it makes ZERO sense for this not to be the case, but it does not work at all. It almost always disregards the primary color in the 3 "Team Color" options list for accessories, which is the #1 color I want to use and match the primary color of the home/away uniforms, particularly the road uniforms. There are a bunch of teams that only have 2 colors in their list of 3, two secondary and one white, which leaves out 2 colors I chose. Or just add every preset color in the game to the accessories list for every team, whatever is easier, just make it so I can choose it myself.

    3. Allow us to chose EVERY color for EVERY accessory. Which means adding the ability to choose headband and sock colors for each uniform as well.

    4. Add accessory editing for ALTERNATE uniforms, right now we only get the choice of Home and Road. Personally I'd like to see it added for ALL team uniforms available, current and classic but that may be asking for too much. Just adding the Alternate uniforms would be enough for now.

    2. Progression:

    Allow us to turn off progression completely. I spent around 2 Months editing my roster, alot of that time editing players attributes to what I want them to be. Some accurate, some not, but what I want the ratings to be. To have that ruined on Day 1 of starting a season, by the progression adding points to players without a game even being played is incredibly frustrating. Allow us to TURN OFF progression completely, in ALL season modes. It's possible alot of people won't want or care about this feature, so allow us to choose ON or OFF. Best of both worlds.

    3. Create-A-Player:

    Add Face scanning/Face photo uploads to ALL create-a-player funtions, not just for MyPlayer. I have no interest in ever playing MyPlayer, but I would like to be able to create retired players/upcoming Rookies and myself in ANY GAME/SEASON MODE, not just for MyPlayer.

    Add more Head Preset options for Create-A-Player, more editing options for face and body structure. Same for Create-A-Coach (Edit Staff/Appearance" is what it's called now. Add the ability to change the facial structure, height and weight of Coaches, and particularly add more older guys faces, the majority look like players that could be in their first 5 years of the NBA, most Coaches are former players or older men. Also, since we have a legends Roster/All-Time teams, allow us to add some of those players to the Coaches pool (Avery Johnson being a prime example). This would allow us to use and/or recreate Former NBA Coaches, College Coaches or ourselves.

    Fix the hair lines for Create-A-Player, most of the hair choices have hair lines starting WAY too far back, where even putting a headband on a player doesn't hide it. Hair lines don't start even with people's ears, SMH.

    Fix cornrows, add more styles of cornrows, including Richard Hamilton and Latrell Sprewell's, they look terrible. Rip didn't have big puffy sideburns, I'm a Pistons fan, I watched most of his games with the team, he never had Afro puff sideburns.

    In fact, get in touch with the WWE 2K18 guys and just add their creation suite to this game, adding that to this game would be incredible.

    Allow us to remove Masks or Goggles from in-game players.

    Allow us to override or turn off the retired jersey numbers restriction, it doesn't even work when I put the actual player who's number is retired back on his old team (Paul Pierce can't wear #34 if I put him on Boston for example). We should be able to turn this restriction off if we want. Some teams retire too many jersey's, some teams retire jersey's for Owner/Coaches and Fans (Orlando #6), it's dumb, let us choose any number we want. There are several players in the NBA, and in the past, that wore retired numbers (Reggie Jackson wears Chauncey Billups retired #1 for example).

    Allow me to add 50 pounds to Shaq, because you guys got him looking like Dwight Howard in this game, did he come to you and tell you not to make him fat? No seriously though, all versions of Shaq in this game look like Orlando Shaq, not the 350 Pound Lakers Shaq.

    Oh, and give Chris "Bird Man" Andersen his Mohawk back, come on man!
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    Shot metter, shot_close, shot_med, 3p shot

    Mano, you could improve that old one ... Putting a color at the end of the shot metter so it would not make the pitches difficult.
    About shot_med, close, 3p ... You could fix this by improving the percentage of hits, because when I'm with a free player, and in general 76 he does me the favor of making mistakes ... And the CPU does not, so how so 2k? I want a game played not machine vs man, in 2k 17 you could stay in the marking, but hit many pitches long distance or up close, give it back to 2k game.

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    This game is absolutely ridiculous. My brother has the game for Xbox One and I have it for PS4. He has bought $25 worth or VC and I have opened $50. He got more for his VC in packs. I’ve completed historic domination and he isn’t even half way through, yet he has pulled 2 diamond contracts and 3 diamond shoes and I haven’t pulled a single diamond. I play much more often than he does and opened many MANY more packs than him and I get nothing in return that’s completely unfair. Also, in the gameplay it is IMPOSSIBLE to guard anyone no matter what I do. I have played 2k for years and been able to be a very good defensive player, but this year I jump in player’s face with perfect contest and they still make everything but it is never the same for me. The game needs to be slowed down and not so incredibly easy to score. Fix it or I will never buy another game again.

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    Why is 2k18 so bad?

    So on sports games I get, I like to create one team where I edit all of the players so they have 99 attributes for everything. Just for fun. So you'd think that 99 times out of 100. Whenever I go up for a shot with anyone they would make it. Especially if it's a wide open shot and a good release. Maybe not excellent, but a good release. However, 9 times out of 10 if I have a good release and it's wide open the player throws up a brick. But, if I have a good release and it's lightly contested it goes in 9 times out of 10. This makes 100% no sense. So if someone could explain to me why 2k hasn't figured this out yet, that would be great.

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    This game sucks so bad, it’s like the developers are handicapped. They reward the weakest and fakest gameplay I’ve ever seen.

    How can you guys ban people for quitting when you assign ☺☺☺☺☺☺ teammates with ☺☺☺☺☺☺ D and when you make people miss “good shot selection”, like what’s the point of telling me that if i’m going to miss. Then you turn around and let someone hit a “good shot contest” on you. This game is so random and illogical when it comes to gameplay in my career.
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    Support Services

    I posted a questions regarding MyGM and how when I would simcast and select to "jump in" sometimes the teams had the same colored jerseys. 2k gave me some options like clearing cache and re=installing the game. I did both. I tried several different methods for clearing the xbox one cache, but you can't tell if it is actually completed. I re-installed the game twice and my problem still occurs.

    2k support services said that that if those methods didn't work, they were happy to report that my game was working perfectly. NO!! That is not the definition of "perfect", if something is not working 100% correctly, then it is not working 'PERFECTLY"!! I was disappointed in their response. I have always enjoyed NBA 2K and the MyGM mode was my favorite. Without it functioning properly and jersey colors being the same, it makes it the game very unenjoyable. Without a solution for my issue, I have basically wasted $60 on the game. I am very displeased with their comment on its working "perfectly".

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    My first 2k feedback

    I just wanted to leave feedback on how my first 2K game has been treating me. Overall I actually love the game and I love the product that you guys have produced I feel the story line is good in MyCareer(even though I wish I could skip them after the first time I see them) the overall feeling of shooting and dribbling as well as driving feel good but sometimes can feel very inconsistent. I also am not sure how somebody who can't afford to buy VC on their career would ever get to 99 ovr. Which also makes it hard to know which build you want to play because you don't know how the build will play until it's a higher ovr I played one mycareer game with my 60ovr and I couldn't make a shot, I feel the grind is not too long, but that you start out too bad. You wouldn't be able to perform in park at all, and it makes it very difficult to rep up. But I also love how you guys have placed a mode in the game with a "superstar" game mode and how it feels like this is my character not one that everyone can have, like Maddens old super star mode. I also enjoy game modes such as park and pro am as well as a lot of the little things like the training facility and how DJ has his own house. I have much enjoyed your product, thank you for your time and have a great day.

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    I have loved your games since 2k11 however I fear 2k18 may be my final purchase from the 2k brand. I understand that the story behind your player has been a growing feature in MyCareer for a years, this is something I have tolerated, it has been annoying to have made up players in the league but I have put up with it. This year "Shammy" is simply overrated, to have a bench player on your team who doesn't exist in real life dominate the 3 point % is ridiculous, why would I play an NBA game if such a major part is fictional? Due to the long storyline in MyCareer I began playing MyGm, I really enjoyed this feature in 2K16 and admittedly I skipped many of the conversations in this MyGm, believing it would be non consequential much like in past years, however to find that while sitting second in the conference I am now demanded to tank in order to draft your (I'd imagine scripted) all star rookies and to have the owner trade away my 6th man and another rotation player for someone I really didn't want to sign and who does not fit with my playstyle has drove me to near insanity. I have a very busy life and used to look forward to your game as a stress release however it is now impossible to play short session of either game mode due to unskippable mandatory story lines that i do not care about. On top of this fact I have now wasted hours to get my team to this position only to have these events take place with out warning. I understand that these storys took a lot of investment and some people enjoy them so I implore you to make them optional and give a warning that certain major parts of the career are scripted otherwise I will not be spending another £60 on one of your games.
    I hope you can appreciate this feedback and I would enjoy to hear your response.

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    Fix the fact that I've been getting ZERO VC from games and endorsements for over a month. You all owe me almost 70,000 VC at this point.

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    Just received an All star 2018 update on NBA 2k18.
    But, why does most of the players have 76ers logo on the jerseys while going thru player videos via stats/box score??

    Anyone getting this error.....any fix for this??

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    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3] Hello,
    I know you get a lot of these but i just came here to make some suggestions about NBA 2k18:

    1 - In create a player in Options could you add face molding so we can actually create the face of the player, celebrations, free throw routines, running animations and changing the muscle mass of the different parts of the body. I feel like the game's lacking in this area.

    2 - Can you put expansion teams in play now? That would be great.

    3 - Adding custom rosters to blacktop

    4 - Correcting the AI statue and the nets on the hoops in the Nintendo version, they're blurry and unrealistic and it kills off a bit of the great experience.

    5 - Can you add an image and the stats of the best player in the in-game pause menu like the PS3 version, I know in MyCarrer the stats are there but the image of the best/My player in that in between area would be awesome...

    And thats all, thank you for your time and greetings from a fan of your NBA games.
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    I have a suggestion about 2k league combine, sorry for my grammer mistakes first of all, I'm EU player, firstly we can't find a game easily because of region lock and also I see some US players sometimes scoring like 70 points etc, it's impossible if you play 5 vs 5 but they are playing against cpu or playin with cpu and ball hogging with this way, I hope you consider this and lastly it could be 1 more elimination for real competitive players, I mean you can qualify 1000 players to next round and they can play between each other, after that you can see who is better easily but in this way, some kids and cpu's doesn't give you real datas in my opinion, I'm playing this game for 10 years and I'm really willing to play in this 2k league, so I want to have fair eliminiation, thanks...

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    I pretty much love the game but 2k you keep forgetting one important detail on my career... Cpu ai defensive settings... Teammates don't play an ounce of defense, every team plays like golden state becus none of my teammates jump & contest three pointers & mid range shots, or they simply just don't guard their matchup... I've tried playing on each difficulty & the results are the same... I'm still winning games, but i really just want my teammates to respect the shooters out there on the floor & guard their man... I had the same issue on 2k17, but it's even worse on 2k18... I either sit back & watch my teammates leave their matchup wide open knocking down shots at will, or i try to time it best as i can to run over away from my matchup to contest someone who has no business open which usually leads to my man getting a wide open shot... I was patient til i made it to level 90, i was under the impression i would be able to influence the way we play once making it to this level, but i can only influence offense... Being able to tell my team to "shrink the floor" & "no threes" would be great, you know, the things i'm able to influence defensively in "play now"... I really don't understand why 2k leaves that out on mycareer, it would be nice to have those options... I understand most people don't care about it, but the most important thing to me is defense, if you can't stop your opponent from scoring good luck winning games, which i find it ridiculous that i still even win games as much points as my teammates let teams score... Whether i play on pro or hof, other teams play the defense how my teammates should be playing, yet my guys let every last one of their matchups who have any type of offensive ability go chase records... That has to be a bug right?? Or either 2k just said the hell with defense... If it can be adjusted please do so, nba 2k is the only video game i really play nowadays & the teammate ai settings are just nonsense, whatever team i play for, the players on that team become pure idiots on the defensive end, as if they don't have to play it

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    Hi there,

    I have a suggestion for MyCareer that can really improve the experience. There needs to be an option to choose the opponents team's jersey, that way we can control the colour combinations of both teams before a game. I would love this option so that I could select certain jerseys on certain teams which will also change the home teams court appearance. The AI never selects a City Edition jersey that will change their court for a game, which is kinda bland and removes some repetition from the mode.

    This option used to be available in previous 2K games, so I don't understand why it has been removed and definitely should be added back into mycareer in 2K18. This isn't game changing, as it's another little thing that 2K really needs to address to overall improve the experience of the player.

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    Is my career written by a person who never met another person?

    Have you guys ever been in a business meeting? What is the deal with those endorsement meetings? Were you guys high while making them?

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    So I was looking throght the last update of rosters and i noticed you have at least 12-20 players who are mispositioned whether it’s primary or secondary, for instance you have Avery Bradley listed as a 6’2 shooting guard with a secondary position of a Small Foward. ��. I’m no expert but I can tell off rip that’s not right. Another is Ben Simmons listed as a PF who’s secondary position is a Point guard. ��. I was looking to start my career over with the updated rosters but at this point it seems useless as the game is broken in the sense players don’t have the correct positions. I’m a avid player and my favorite part is the Career mode. I don’t much care for park or pro am, as the other people online aren’t very team oriented but that’s not my issues I would just like for each player to have the correct positions so while in games match ups are more balanced and equal and you don’t have occasions such as Avery Bradley trying to guard Players like Paul George, Kevin Love, Or Lebron James. That can get incredibly frustrating. I’ve added pictures of a couple but they’re are more than just that. Extremely disappointing for “the number 1 rated sports game”. I’ve already switched to Live and if this continues I don’t see me going back to a 2K game ever to be honest. It’s the same disappointment every year.

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    Does anyone know if the new City jerseys will ever be added to the injury free roster?

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    Can we least get a patch for all star weekend like theres so many things i want fixed but i don know where to start well i want ankle breakers to be more deadly i want contested shots to be tuned down also fix te vc pick machine in 2k zone its not giving me my vc better matchmaking for pro am please 2k listen to the comunity

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    Again can we please get the shooting fixed! How many people have to say something before you will listen to us!!!

    No need to edit the post was meant to be in all caps with hopes you would see it and listen to us!!!
    Last edited by 2K Liana; 1 Week Ago at 10:09 AM. Reason: Multiple posts, please use the edit function.

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    *****MY TEAM FEEDBACK*****


    1. Better rewards: The rewards for winning each board are not worth as much as you need to play. I played about 500+ games to get an amethyst Manu Ginobili. I feel like to reward should be much bigger. At least there should be a diamond or pink diamond reward for board 10. Amethyst Pau Gasol is not worth me playing and winning another 100 games for. Especially now that there are diamonds you can buy for 5,000 - 10,000 MT.

    2. The system is complicated: I don't understand the randomness of what rewards I might win out the deck. It confuses me. 3 players pop up and then you never win any of them. I just don't get it. Are they the highest valued cards in the deck? I just don't understand.

    3. Allow me to look at my roster: I can only look at my players when I'm playing. I want to see tracked stats, attributes, and the whole 9.

    4. Please change the final reward, rewards: They are repetitive and only good for contracts. Nobody needs gold current collection players after 1 month into the game. Gold players were the 500 MT ever since the game came out. I feel like if you want people to continue to play pack and playoffs, you need to add chances of Rubys, Amethysts, and maybe Diamonds in the final rewards. It sucks winning 12 games straight just to get 5 gold players you already have.

    5. Getting nothing!: This is probably the worst part of PAP. When I win in the finals, half of the time I don't flip the right card to get anything. It's frustrating because it can be time consuming and hard; yet you get nothing, a bronze, or a silver. That sucks man. It really does. Please change that. If you win 12 straight, you should have at least a 80-90% chance of getting something.


    1. Get rid of Schedule Mode. Dull and a waste of everyone's time. Do you guys notice that not one single person on Youtube is uploading videos about Schedule Mode? It's worthless.

    2. Add a mode for wagers!

    3. Allow people to see other people's records when the game starts.

    *4. For people who buy the LEGEND GOLD EDITION, we should be able to receive 1 free pack of every new PREMIUM COLLECTION pack every time they drop, instead of 40 weeks of LEAGUE PACKS. Bro, yall don't even sell league packs no more!!! That's crazy. Why are yall giving us 40 weeks of packs that are discontinued? Nothing is in those packs! I have not received a thing from them, ever.

    5. Bring Gauntlet Back!!!!

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    Nba 2K18 IOS
    Can you add new uniforms please? I’m tired to use the same uniforms and can update the roster please? It would be cool if you do that.

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    I think two additions should be make with spies. First: Should have more missions inside City state. We should at least be able to neutrilize governors on it. It would be a way to counter the governor making pressure on your cities loaylty.

    The second, should have a special mission to track down your captured spy and you could try to free him/her. Once you capture a skill you should choose where you would put him, the city, or even a particular district. Spying missions could have a chance to find a lead on his/her location and then a special mission to get him back. And when you get a spec ops you could make a special attack on the location to get it back. And if you put it inside a militar build it would be harder to get it back.

    Change the spy one location to other could be spy mission too, one you could only perform once in like 15 turns or 20.

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    well 2k 18 is okay but its irritating cause you only have a my career on the online version not the offline and then the online version is the same as what the offline has been really you cant let them interact with anything have the story go in different direction well my opinion is bring back my career in 2k 19 offline and online players should be able to tell their own story

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    For decades you guys have been making billions of dollars in this game every year you come up with a different character I do not like any of the voices. There's a lot of things that need to be changed in the game. The haircuts are ridiculous. Why do all the cities look the same in my career. Can't you have your own gym to work out some privacy They should have options like going to a movie showing with your friends in your own area. There's a lot of things that need to be changed especially by 2019 it needs to be better not the same thing year after year. We need better replays view by view because when someone of the other team touches the ball and it goes out it still becomes their boss that wouldn't happen in real life I could list all 1000 things I need to change but I don't have time for that. The game creators make billions of dollars and it's time for them to put in some upgrades they work for us. Spending 2200 hours I Have studied what needs to be done and someone needs to take responsibility they cannot just change the character every year they need to change a lot more than that. Every year stores change what they have. Movies change shows change apps change so why haven't this 2K basketball changed at all. Take out the skinny James bring back old clothes eighties nineties nothing besides that better music none of that radio nonsense My career should look the best When I look in my TV I should see reality it's almost 2020 and the picture still looks like not realistic. In try a little harder to make their mouths move with the right words The area where you upload your own face onto your player doesn't carry over facial hair and it should because that's part of my face If you to do better than that if you want to charge people over a $100 for special additions for legends .

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    I know that other users have the same problem on different consoles, when playing the game the fan noise level is unbearable. I really hope the decks fix this, because I cant enjoy the game with this noise.
    It does not create any problem with the game itself, I can play...but I am really concern that it could create some seriuos issues to my concole!
    What I can do to avoid that? Is it possible to fix this aspect?

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