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Thread: Bioshock Collection: Bioshock 2 speargun needs to be fixed!

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    Lightbulb Bioshock Collection: Bioshock 2 speargun needs to be fixed!

    This has been bothering me for so long, and I've been hoping for a patch in vain since the Collection was released last year. The speargun in the remastered Bioshock 2 does not impale enemies. This is a small issue I suppose, but its ruined one of my favourite weapons in the game, and rendered it pointless and boring. In the collection, enemies shot with the speargun simply fall limply to the ground when shot, rather than flying back and attaching to the wall behind them.

    In the original 360 and PS3 versions of the game, this was a core feature of the weapon that made it unique. It's strange to me that this issue is never really raised, especially since the weapon description still clearly mentions impaling enemies to walls. Also, the final weapon upgrade is meant to impale enemies at greater distances, however, since they can't be impaled anymore it renders max upgrading the speargun undesirable.

    I'm not even sure if the lack of this feature is a glitch, or a developmental oversight. I've experimented and found that enemies can be pinned to walls if you telekinesis them into the air and shoot them as they fall, which means there are remnants of this feature still in the game, but they just don't work as intended.

    I love Bioshock 2, and I love the Bioshock Collection, but I've resorted to playing Bioshock 2 on my PS3 just so I can actually use one of the coolest weapons the way it was intended.

    I've contacted BlindSquirrel games and 2K support, but none have been able to tell me who could resolve this issue. Hopefully you guys might be able to help, or at least comment on this thread to bring awareness to this annoying problem.

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    I don't expect any more patches. As for nailing enemies to the wall with the Spear Gun, I remember doing it in the Remastered version. sm

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    I'm going to try to perform this on the PS4 version and report back.
    There's been few instances of enemies pinned to the wall to my recollection, but I don't know about it being different between PS3 and PS4.

    I'll throw out a bit of speculation, bodies seem to behave differently in the Collection. Turning to Lockboxes faster than in the original versions. This change is one thing I suspect might be to blame in some way, as it may mess with the physics that allow bodies to be pinned.

    Another possibility tied to physics that I will try, firing at a slightly upward angle. If an enemy that has been TK'd is hit, then their body is likely to be more dramatically impacted by... Well, Impacts. The feature may not have been removed, but is a bit harder to perform due to subtle differences in the physics engine.

    I probably sound very disjointed, and I apologize for this. All the same, I will try my hand at pinning Splicers with the spear.
    If successful, I could share video to Youtube for analysis.

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