I have an idea for the next my career. It involves making multiple streams of VC available to the player without it being limited on spending it on only cosmetic things like hair, shoes, socks, accessories etc. AND include a side story that adds to the dynamic of being an NBA player. This is going to be long so just hear me out.


And this would be your MY PLAYER starting its own "sneaker BRAND" from scratch. YES, like Lavar and Lonzo Ball.

How does this work in the game?

Like Lebron has done in his career, you can hire your own child hood friends, or for the sake of the game, the players you play with in college(like in 2k16 when you play in colleges) to help build your business with you. Your teammates who may not have been good enough to make in the nba but are good enough accountants, business managers, marketers etc.

Building it up:
Like any business, it would require some start up money or VC for infrastructure, factories, just things you need to build your company. So of course you might not(should not) be able to get the deal right at the start of your career. (Or maybe if you're the type to buy VC you start with the sneaker brand)
Until then, you can get VC put away towards that goal. By having your "accountant" divide your VC and have a certain amount of VC put towards your business per game, or per season, or my park, jersey sales, other contracts from events like the events in 2k17.

Starting up:
Once you buy(unlock?) your BRAND, like 2ks in the past your design your shoes and wear them out in public appearances, on court, park etc. (Maybe there can be a meter in the game where the more you add onto the shoe the more expensive it is and you have find a good balance between consumer friendly pricing and sneaker technology to play with on the court.) In game you "sell" sneakers and product based around you on how well you play. The same way you would receive bonuses from Nike, or Gatorade for getting a triple double on a televised game at Madison Square Garden, you wearing your BRANDs sneaker and apparel, while playing well would help sell the sneaker.

Getting Momentum:
At this point, you're not on Nike, Adidas or a brand that would give you commercials or unlock billboards (like 2k15) so, You can invest VC in marketing, such as billboards, commercials and putting on your own public events. Instead of receiving a small amount of VC for an event you would spend some in order to grow the brand. Of course you will have to decide at times on developing your player, buying accessories or investing in your BRAND.

Once your player is moving up as one of the top players in the league and your rating is growing and your visibility is growing more and more your brand is starting to grow. This should generate A WHOLE LOT OF VC. Like Nike with the Lebron soldier line, or Kyrie's signature, When you become the best player in your team or maybe a 90 rating, You can start to invest VC in signing players to wear your BRANDs sneakers and apparel, and have teammates in your sneakers, high school/college team sponsors.

When your at the "top" the competition just gets more fierce. You can get challenged by other brands. They might try to buy out your friend who handles your marketing. Or out bid you in trying to get other players in your BRAND. During the off season you can see what players aren't signed to sneaker deals.
You may have to watch how you answer questions in the post game interviews, because the competing brands may try to clap back at you if your on top. Or maybe if you're on your way up you may diss a larger brand in order to gain attention.

During 24/7 mode and NBA2k My player/careers in the past, I used to feel like there was not enough "reward" for the game. After you had maxed out all your stats and unlocked all the badges you would care to have and bought all the accessories what else is there. Watches? Earrings? Especially with open hub world of 2k18 that leaves room for other things like customized homes. Real homes not just gyms. Or homes with Gyms in them. Cars? (to my understanding 2k and GTA are under the same umbrella of take two games so maybe y'all can borrow some car designs from them lol). I'm not expecting a whole grand theft auto level map to drive around in but I'm sure by next year it won't just be a small 3 block sized town. You can give your "friends/business partners" raises for all their great work. Do things that create "good looks" for your BRAND, like donating VC or apparel to disasters like hurricane relief (in game of course)or starting charter schools, school supplies give aways. You can buy outside of basketball businesses that bring in more VC, such as fast food chains, movie theaters etc.

(Like Jordan) In your later years in the league you can assign players from different teams to bigger events like top prospect basketball camps and crown young promising rookies as official brand ambassadors with there own signature YOUR BRAND sneakers as you declare this year your last year and have a farewell tour (LIKE KOBE). You would have to complete the Hall of Fame checklist in order to get a farewell tour.

Misc. ideas/thoughts
The rewards and the legacy parts are probably most important long term. These are things that help make the player want to play my career past just leveling up the character to play in the park and make my career enough to chew on to want to keep playing it all the way through the end of a full career. Off season things like training camp and/the summer league for at least your first 2 off seasons or when your player rating is just too high(85?). There should be more awards besides just VC or jerseys for certain milestones.
My career player and my player that you play with in my park should be separate. Online and offline, Therefore players that just want to over power or be abusive with their player (dribble move cheesers, creating a demi-god) can do so offline comfortably on their own mycareer. So it wont be disturbing the other players online who want to earn their players rating with all the restrictions placed to make things fair and balanced on my park.
BRING BACK CELEBRITIES IN THE FRONT ROW. in '13 we had a sort of jay z looking guy in the barclays. and meeting pharrell in 2k15. I thought by now we would have Spike at MSG. or Jack at staples.
Bring back the ability to have the choice of character voice. In 2k16 there was 2. I think that was good.