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Thread: Goodbye 2k17

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    Goodbye 2k17

    Today I deleted 2k17 from my harddrive to make room for 2k18 , and im a little sad after almost a year i had to say good bye

    So my question is what are your favorite moments ( good , bad , funny or ugly ) from 2k17 ??

    Myself it was during my Universe mode when Earthquke Won the rumble and went to have a hell of a feud with AJ Stlyes , that was Shockingly much better then i expected

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    Good bye 2K17,good bye.
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    For a long time now my main enjoyment has came from the Creation Suite.

    For me the lack of fun match types and options has meant that I haven't really been able to appreciate the change in gameplay as much as I did in 2K15, as the upgrades aren't really night and day.

    Every year I hope for an overhaul in the presentation so that we can completely eliminate that SVR feel once and for all. New camera angle options, authentic crowd (for larger arenas), authentic commentary, authentic arena setups (longer aisles for WM, shorter aisles for others like MSG, curved aisle options etc) and other additions such as the pre-show panel or the social media lounge interviews. Hopefully 2K19 will be the year where the shift in quality really begins to happen.

    In the meantime though I'm admittedly over the moon that 8-man matches are finally back, we got a revamp to the Royal Rumble, and entrances for the Elimination Chamber. Outside of the presentation, those 3 things were at the top of my list each and every year so I imagine that 2K18 will have a bit of a longer lifespan for me as long as they're enjoyable to play.
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    Had a lot of fun with 2k17. The good was enough to outweigh the bad. Just hope that's the case for 2k18.
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    I've only had 2K17 for a few months, so I don't plan on uninstalling it yet. However, I've had some awesome, memorable matches so far.

    Hideo Itami vs. Maverick Malenko (CAW) - I think it was a FCA match, not sure, but it was one of the best matches I've ever had on any game.

    I had a 6 man Ladder match where I won as Matt Hardy after being put through a ladder, taking several finishers from everyone else, and a Twist of Fate off of the Ladder.

    Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins - I was messing around in Universe mode and had a classic match on RAW with these two, I'm talking finisher after finisher, ended up winning with the Coup de Grace.

    2K18's roster is going to bring so many more dream matches.
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    I said goodbye a few days ago as a trade in for my 2k18 pre-order.

    It was fun without being a major thrill for me; I think i got more enjoyment out of 2k16 personally and have spent the last few days playing that as a replacement.

    Just under 48 hours until I'll have my copy of 2k18 - Finally!

    As most of you know I spend the bulk of my time playing as Women so I'm definitely looking forward to having 32 Women at my disposal to make Universe great.

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    My favorite moment was the time Dean Ambrose won the Womens Championship. This next one has nothing to do with the 2k games but the funniest scene came from SVR2011,I had just won a match with Kelly Kelly vs Melina when a cutscene shos Rey Mysterio run into the ring with a pipe and beat both women down with it.
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    RIP 2K17, you will be missed. Especially you, Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman

    My funniest moment was an odd glitch with The People's Elbow. Rock set Great Muta up for the move in the middle of the ring, ran the ropes. climbed to the top turnbuckle and hit a Diving People's Elbow

    As for matches, I had a lot of fantastic match up. Here's some of my favourites, with links to those who wish to check them out.

    - Austin Aries vs Chris Jericho
    - Bobby Roode vs Kenny Omega
    - Brock Lesnar vs Kevin Nash
    - Brock Lesnar vs Kevin Nash vs Seth Rollins
    - Brock Lesnar vs Minoru Suzuki
    - Kazuchika Okada vs Minoru Suzuki
    - Kenny Omega vs Will Ospreay
    - Minoru Suzuki vs Neville
    - Ric Flair vs Kenta Kobashi
    - Ric Flair vs Sami Zayn
    - Rob Van Dam vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H
    - Shawn Michaels vs Rob Van Dam
    - Sheamus vs The Rock
    - Sting vs Kushida
    - Shinsuke Nakamura vs Goldberg
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    I've had WWE 2k17 for 2 consoles and each one was special and a joy to play.

    For the PS3, it was the last hurrah and a great final send-off. Sure it wasn't perfect (what game is?) but I had a lot of fun with dream matches, what-ifs and re-writing history as always.

    For the PS4, the strongest points to me (I've had it for just over a month or two now so it ain't going anywhere) were the creation suite and the gameplay.

    The 'new' gameplay (stamina, reversal limit) was a game-changer to me, add the star system in there and gone are the arcade-y freedoms of last-gen and in it's place are matches you have to think about and forward plan. Matches felt a lot more involved as a result and I've had many a great 5star classic.

    The creation suite is also fantastic, I only used CAWs for Mycareer but by god if (besides the eyes all looking the same no matter what you do) they didn't look and feel unique and a genuine blast to play as this time, instead of in last Gen where CAWs took ages to make but were deleted within 30 minutes due to not fitting in.

    Superstar studio is also excellent. I love making alt attires and re-packaging and the suite was near perfect for what I wanted to do.

    Farewell WWE 2K17....for now.

    And of course, farewell Arn and shall be really, really missed.

    My favourite moment came from a match yesterday between Jake and DDP '92 on WCW Saturday Night:

    The match starts, and as soon as Jake (me) starts to walk towards DDP, he rolls outta the ring like a coward!

    Jake and DDP stare at each other briefly before Jake rolls out. But at EXACTLY the same time (perfect sync!) as Jake is rolling OUT of the ring, DDP gets back IN and TAUNTS Jake as if to say 'HAHA! tricked ya!'.

    It was a really great moment, like something out of a cartoon and set the precedent for an amazing match where no finisher was hit successfully but a roll up by an exhausted DDP to an Exhausted Jake ended that wonderful game of Cat and Mouse.

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    I mean, for me, it's not RIP. I'm just not gonna play it as much... That's all.
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    Not long since finished playing the last show, and also the last of the game itself. It's been a good year for me with this series, with this game knocking SmackDown! 2 off the top my personal favourites in this series, and wrestling games in general. I'll remember it fondly. Hoping 2K18 takes top spot, it won't really have to do much.

    So, goodbye 2K17... but not the 2K17 section, I have unfinished business with this place!
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    With how bad 2K18 is I guess I will go back to this game...

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    I still love 2k17.....I uninstall 2k16 though....I probably wont uninstall 17 for a long while unless I grow on 18. What attracks me the most is the Creation aspect of the game and to be honest 2k18 is of esthetically when it comes to creation. However 18 has brought great features that I would have loved in 2k17.

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    yep... goodbye 2K17.
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