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Thread: "Intentional foul"

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    "Intentional foul"

    So the opponent team got very desperate and started to foul a lot in the last 30 sec of a game.
    But I think it must've been a glitch, because the same player did the exact same thing over and over again until we got free throws.
    And after those two he still did the foul.

    Lol. Against the opponent team fouled on purpose when they were losing.
    And they took a timeout while they had the ball and was about to attack :P

    Sigh, what the heck is up with these games?!
    What's up with sports games in general? Like instead of making a completely new game where they remove something that was bad in the previous game,they should just patch out stuff like intentional fouling. I get it, the opponent team are getting desperate and wants the ball fast, but still, when the opponent players just walk up to us and hit us, it just gets stupid :P
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