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Thread: Something Genuinely Spooky About Borderlands

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    Something Genuinely Spooky About Borderlands

    So ages ago when I first got Borderlands GOTY for the PC, (back in 2014)
    I booted up Borderlands, though while I waited for all the logos to cycle through
    I thought I'd alt-tab out of Borderlands so when I went back in it was loaded and
    I could just jump straight in.

    It then appeared, however, my descision would result in me stumbling apon a true
    mystery. After I heard the Nvidia logo finishing all I heard was silence, which is weird
    since you'd hear the classic Arid Badlands Background song. I hadn't quite finished
    what I alt-tabbed out of Borderlands for so I just continued when I started hearing
    these really disturbing sounds. A sound like an undead whale screaming in agony
    in a thunder storm.

    I've never seen anything online about these
    strange noises, which is strange considering it's so simple
    to replicate. Have a go and tell me what you think of this.
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