Crew Name : Jet Shooterz

Were Looking For A SF , PF , Or Center For Our Crew . To Contact Us You Can Message xXVerxMediaXx Or PittzBurghPhilz . Just Message Us " Jet Shooterz" And Then Will Go On From There . Were Not Looking For The Best Ratings Were Just Looking For Potential ,SSmartness , And Somebody That Knows The Game Of Basketball . Even If Your A Low Rating Like A 70 We Will Still Accept You . We Just Need To See How You Play . Theres No Tryouts Or Anything Like That We Just Will Invite You And Have A Game And Well See How You Play & After The Game Me & My Second Leader Well Accept You . Just Contact Us Then Well Go On From There...


1 . No Ball Hogging☺
2 . Respect All Teammates ( Like Bros )☺
3 . Play Serious☺
4 . Always Have Heart☺
5 . Play Defense
6 . At The End Of The Day Have Fun ����

Defensive Sets We Run Are :☺

1 . 2-3 zone
2 . Man To Man☺
3 . Half Court Trap☺

Offensive Sets We Run Are :☺
Were Still Tryna Figure Out But Yeaa See Yaa Later Peace ✌��

Oh Yeah We're On Xbox 360