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Thread: Xcom 2 ultimate version?

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    Xcom 2 ultimate version?

    I loved Xcom 1 but for several reasons I still havn't got round to playing Xcom 2 yet. One of the main reasons is that I wondered if Firaxis were going to bring out a definitive/GOTY version that includes all the DLC and Expansion packs or even a new "improved" version with additions and tweaks like what they did with Enemy Within?
    Had anyone heard any news on anything like this or is it not worth waiting?

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    Well that was supposed to be War of the Chosen, but it's not available on Box or standalone yet and is so buggy you can't call that ultimate, unless in the acceptation of ultimate bugs edition

    not sure they'll do a GOTY, best is to get deal/sales bundle once WotC is patched (on consoles, it's already patched on PC...)

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    Thanks, it sounds like WOTC is what I'm looking for. I'm sure it will come out as a standalone sooner or later. What did you think? Better then the vanilla game? I've read some people complain that it made an already hard game even harder.

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    Well, different people have different opinions, but I LOVE WOTC, and haven't had any problems with bugs on my PC. I would recommend thinking about playing vanilla Xcom 2 first, though. WOTC can be a tad complicated if you don't already know the mechanics.

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    Yeah, I know what you mean; Sometimes less is more. I actually enjoyed Xcom EU more then Xcom EW even though EW was obviously deeper. Am I right in thinking that WOTC has the option to play the vanilla game though?

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    Well, on Steam you can select between basegame and WotC, but I have no idea how (of even if) this works on consoles.

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