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Thread: AI trades their cities?!

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    AI trades their cities?!


    This was probably reported earlier, but why does AI trade their cities for small amounts of gold when negotiating peace?

    For example, they want 200 gold pieces per turn for 1 relic, but they are willing to accept 30-40 gold pieces per turn for one of their cities?

    For 200 golf pieces per turn they give 5 their cities, that is all their cities except capital.

    How is 5 cities with specialty districts and buildings more worth than one relic?

    Generally, human player would never sell their cities for such small amount of gold. If they decided to defend and not sign peace then I am not sure if I would be able to conquer them. Even if I was able to conquer them it would be a lengthy process would many losses for my troops probably.

    Trade functionality is still very broken, it simply ruins the game.

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    I've never run into a situation where they tried to sell me a city. They don't offer one anyway. Are you asking them for one? Usually when I offer them peace or they come to me they just accept without any trading going on at all.

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    They do not offer it, but you simply suggest that trade and offer them money. They accept it and you take all their cities. Just try it out like I explained with latest version (I believe same issue exists in previous versions).

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