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Thread: The Two-way shot creator needs a badge's Re-worked. asap

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    The Two-way shot creator needs a badge's Re-worked. asap

    Hey 2k community

    I was hoping we could look at the "two-way shot creator" badges/attributes.

    They could use some tweaking. For example why doesn't the "Two-way shot creator" have catch and shoot badge? or "pick and popper" at least bronze/silver. Instead I see more slashing/post scoring badges like....

    `Post Spin Technican
    `up & under Speacialist <-------- Better for post-scoring/slasher/ Rebounder builds (not for a shot creator)
    `Putback King
    `Pick & Roller

    A shot creator is supposed to create their own shots which is understandably why they have some post scoring badge's but for them [B]not to have the "catch and shoot, pick and popper, Deep range deadeye" These key badge's really hurts the build especially when shot creator is primary

    ^___ badges here should be at least bronze or silver.

    AS For The Defensive side (Two-way)

    `Pick Pocket should be gold
    `Defensive Stopper should be gold
    `pick dodger silver
    `chase down silver

    That's all for now what do you guys think?

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    I'm a two way shot creator for my SF. I was thinking the same thing! I was trying to get a Kwahi Leonard type player. Lock down defender and can come off a pick and score. I don't want all those post scoring badges. However I'm shooting like 15% from threes, wide open because I know for sure I don't have a chance when a player is within 20 feet of me. I would really have appreciated if some of my defender badges would have been gold but hey, I guess I'll take the Alley-oop finisher badge or whatever it's called at bronze because I love when LeBron throws me a wide open oop and it goes above the backboard. Post spin technician?!? Yes, because acts like a center and know full well that I'm going to miss every time, just like my wife open shots. My guy can't even dribble either. It always bounces off a players hand, knee, off my own player and it's a turnover. However, the CPU can dribble right through me and make a 360 fadeaway behind the back no look shot from the three point line with myself, LeBron, and the whole Globetrotters team's hands in his face and it's a swish.

    I actually started playing NBA 2k15 and it's so much fun. Graphics aren't the best, and the movements can be a little sticky at times but it's much more enjoyable!!

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    No a shot creator should not have "catch and shoot" or "deep range deadeye" unless sharp is part of his build. Catch and shoot means you're waiting for the ball to come to you, thats the opposite of a shot creator imho. Im a sharp creator and I have pick & popper on bronze, I think its more so connected with the sharp side of my build. Pick and popper I could understand more so than catch and shoot and deep range deadeye, catch and shoot is a good badge to have though. Deep range deadeye, I don't see why a 2 way shot creator should have it, it would be nice but then the archetype systems means nothing. 2k's badge logic and or archetypes is based on creating some type of balance for online play, they don't want any archetype to be op. Imagine having a 2way shot creator with those badges, he'd be great on both sides of the ball and thus so op for online play (especially pro-am).

    The post badges, I really don't use em but I'm a 1. I do bully smaller guards in the post though but I usually finish with a fadeaway. It depends really on how you play.

    As ar as the defensive badges being higher rated, Thats how the secondary archetype badges work, they are silver for the most part unless they apply to both builds. And again its because of the balancing of online play.

    Honestly it just sounds like you just want badges that work for you, and theres nothing wrong with that because I would like some different badges myself. I wish 2k would give is core badges and then let us pick out some badges that benefit our playing styles instead of putting us in this one size fits all box. It would make for some interesting builds instead of the same old boring builds. I have badges that will never get used and I will never grind for which seem like a waste imho.

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    It would REALLY be nice once you hit 95 or so to be able to exceed the cap on certain attributes. There's absolutely no way to build a legendary all around player who can shoot lights out, score inside, throw down nasty, lock down defend, pass, knock down fadeaways and mid range like God, make a decent 3 percentage, and still have elite speed and handles like Kobe, Jordan, or LeBron. It simply cannot be done, and that sucks. Once you get to a certain level, be that 95, 96, 97 or whatever, you should be able to remove the cap on the attribute bars.

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