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Thread: Is anyone even trying to balance the card abilities?

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    Is anyone even trying to balance the card abilities?

    I keep track of the card stats in each tier so I can understand which players are the best or worst within their tier, and which ones will combine for the best overall squad.

    As a result, I look closely at the distribution of the Abilities assigned to each player Rare & above, and have reached the conclusion that the Ability system (and the related Focus type/color system) must have been designed by a completely different team than the team that creates the cards stats and assigns the Abilities. And the two teams must never even talk to each other.

    • Out of nearly 300 distinct player cards I've recorded so far (Rare & above), there is only one player -- *ONE PLAYER* -- with the Break Starter ability. Is Dario Saric really the only player in the NBA who qualifies for this designation?
    • Generational Talent: Who does this phrase make you think of? LeBron James? Nope. Russell Westbrook? Nope.

      According to the game, our Generational Talents are Ersan Ilyasova, Kelly Olynyk, and Nikola Mirotic. LBJ and Russ are only good at scoring, so they're just Posterizers. I guess to be a REAL Generational Talent, you have to be good at nothing.
    • I've only recorded 5 front court players with the green Triple Threat ability that boosts REB (instead of blue, which boosts PM), and they're limited to the Rare or Ultra Rare tiers.

      There are apparently no Epic, Epic Prime, or Elite big men so far that the game considers well-rounded enough to boost OFF, DEF, and REB.
    • The Posterizer ability is extremely over-represented, especially in the higher tiers where the marquee players live. Posterizer is the main culprit in the overpopulation of Red focus types generally, which makes Red focus cards disproportionately valuable compared to Blue, Green, and Yellow.

    Only 12% of the Rare tier is Posterizers. Ultra Rare: 20%; Epic: 33%.

    These lower tiers feel much more balanced than Epic Prime and Elite, but the trend is obvious even there: The better the players are & the more minutes they play, the more the game treats them like they are just pure scorers. I haven't recorded every Elite card, but out of 30 so far over half are Posterizers.

    Even if over 50% were just Red, that would be bad enough -- but for the majority of cards to be clumped into just one out of the 13 possible abilities, while several of the other 12 are almost never used... That seems worse than lazy; It seems accidental. It's as if the people assigning the card stats aren't even aware that it's happening.

    If these card stats are being set automatically by an algorithm (and Abilities just derived automatically from the card stats), they clearly need some more calibration or human intervention.

    And if they are ALREADY being assigned manually...what are they thinking?
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    The developers don’t care. They only boost/stack/slant the game towards paying players.
    The lame Autumn cards are a prime example. Can’t beat them. The game isn’t about fun anymore. Just how much money they can suck out of us. And for what? So one guy can brag over another he’s better than him? I have no respect for Cat Daddy nor the developers. They’re all about the moola. Period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgrow23 View Post
    The developers don’t care. They only boost/stack/slant the game towards paying players.
    I'm not going to argue with your general point; Call them overpriced & inaccessible all you want, but the card stats and abilities could still display even a LITTLE bit of quality control.

    How hard would it be to just throw a few different abilities into each tier so that they all get some decent representation? It's not like any one ability is overpowered versus the others. They just add variety and give the different cards more personality.

    Why introduce the Ability and Focus Type features this year if they have so little apparent interest in them?

    It would have been even easier for them to just drop the Ability concept altogether. I'm glad they didn't, but it's extremely frustrating to see them fumble the implementation on the 1 yard line like this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tupacca View Post's extremely frustrating to see them fumble the implementation on the 1 yard line like this.
    Sorry, wrong sport. I'll try again:

    It's frustrating to see them blow a 3-1 lead in the Finals like this.
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