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Thread: Dire Needs for 2K to Stay ALIVE

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    Dire Needs for 2K to Stay ALIVE

    First off, seriously...? 100 VC for a haircut that you should allow us to CHOOSE FOR FREE TO START WITH. You can't do any face changing beyond simplistic bull crap that 2K is using to think we have freedoms. You have to pay to get anywhere in MyCareer. If you play any team that has even a little skill, half your shots miss compared to the normal amount. Overpriced player upgrades, I'm a 76 and I have to pay basically 2,000 VC to get my 3PT up and it's only been upgraded 4 times...

    Then to add to it, the neighborhood is used for 2K to advertise their crappy sponsers like Mountain Dew and such. Literally EVERYTHING is level based. Also the BIGGEST PROBLEM I THINK EVERYONE HAS IS THE ABSOLUTELY IDIOTIC TEAMMATE

    Shooting Foul! (2 seconds later) Defensive Breakdown!

    If I'm close enough to hit his arm on a shot then it SHOULDN'T BE A BREAKDOWN.
    Also, if the ball is stolen from you and the other team scores, it shouldn't mark you THREE TIMES. You get "Lose Ball" (1) "Turnover" (2) and to add to it again "Allow score off turnover" (3)

    Even further going into it, you shouldn't take away 150 VC for getting an F grade when it's your crapping programming and scripting that caused it in the first place.

    You should show us overall numbers instead of having to go through our attributes and find them individually, because I still can't tell how good I am at free throws because it varies too much at this point.

    You shouldn't force us into an annoying storyline that will disappear in days, or the announcers talking when it's halftime and won't let us skip it.

    This is the last one. WHY IS DJ SUCH A CRINGEY DOUCHE?!?! You could've made our character a respectable guy, but instead he has this accent like he grew up in Compton, on the streets and he acts like he's either extremely humble or is the most selfish, self-loving, douchebag sounding prick. You could've made this so much better, so easily, but you chose the horrible route.

    This is all I've really encountered so far that has REALLY gotten on my nerves because I really only play MyCareer.

    But seriously 2K, I'm getting fed up with this. I also shouldn't have to spend 4,000 VC on SHOES or HEADPHONES. OR A TEAM SHIRT. Get your act together and fix your game, because I know more people saying this game is trash than I know people saying that it's good, because it isn't good...

    [EDIT] One more thing is that they REALLY shouldn't make it possible for simulated parts of the game to go unrealistically. I was up by 5 with 1:30 left in the 4th, I came back at the end of the game to see we had lost by 19 points...

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    anyone may post here, this is just my general thoughts on the things 2K really has wrong with the game this year, and they're all things either fixable or at least were at ONE point extremely preventable.

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