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Thread: Star Icon beside players name (MyCareer, MyPlayer)

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    Star Icon beside players name (MyCareer, MyPlayer)


    Iv been searching the internet for ages trying to figure out how to get the star icon next to my player in MyCareer. The top 3 answers Iv seen being aurged are 1) Having 85 Overall 2) Cpu couch assigning the star role 3) Getting into the all star game. My player is the best player on the team and is in the starting lineup and is picked jordan of the game all the time and Im leading the rookie award race. I dont know if this helps but MyPlayer plays for the Detroit Pistons. I would really appreciate it if you guys till me if its one of the three or something else.

    Thank you!

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    I believe it’s based on your attributes as they relate to your position. As a Center in 2k16, when I developed an A+ off and def post skills I became a ‘Two Way Star’ and received the icon.

    In 2k18, I received the icon when my off post game went from B- to B.

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