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Thread: Event Schedule?

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    Event Schedule?

    Okay, so to be honest, I took an entire year off from this version of SuperCard. Been playing WWE SuperCard since about a month into Season 1 and that is my go to, this is what I play in between. At this point in time, I am already Ultra Rare ++ with about two and a half weeks of quite casual play in. I started right about the time as the Reign The Rink (I think that was what it was called...Maybe Rule the Rink?) event started. Was able to pull a Legendary card out of that pretty much right away as it was an event I was quite familiar with the layout on (Money in the Bank from WWE SuperCard). The next event was the Road to the Cup, great for training cards up fast. Then we had a Rivals Clash (which I did way better than I thought I probably would, but did miss the target I had set for myself). Now, back in the day when I played before there was an event called Endurance. It was interesting, but I rather hated it. I am wondering if that has remained the same since the first version to now and if that is what everyone is expecting the next event to be. Which would leave me a schedule of:

    Reign (Rule) the Rink
    Road to the Cup
    Rivals Clash

    I haven't logged into the game yet today, so can anyone confirm for me?
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    IF nothing has changed (which so far is the case) then YES, that is the next event starting this Friday
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    A calendar of events would be cool
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    Reign The Credits
    Road Through The Bots
    Thumbs Clash
    Endurance (A 2 card mode)
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