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Thread: PS4 & XBOX PATCH UPDATE (and we need a PS4 fix for long loading).

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    PS4 & XBOX PATCH UPDATE (and we need a PS4 fix for long loading).

    I like XCOM2, but this game has some issues on consoles (X and PS). It's disheartening to read a post on Steam around the patch and hear nothing about a console patch anywhere else, but from that post on Steam (w/no update). Consoles users kind of feel like the redheaded stepchild to 2K and Firaxis - when it comes to XCOM.

    I get it - patches cost money on consoles and there has been a lack of patches in the past, so I assume this will be the only console patch we'll get, but it dose not mean you have to go radio silent about the console patch. I have bought XCOM2 for PS and X - with the current state its hard to spend a lot of time with XCOM2.

    The loading still an issue with PS4 (time breakdown below). Could you please work on getting this at least on par with the Xbox One version.

    First Mission (reload the mission).
    PS4 WOC 1:45
    PS4 1:14
    XBOX WOC:49
    XBOX :32

    XBOX ONE X WOC :19

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    it's coming but on console you have to add ALL the porting specific issues to the already numerous PC version issues. so the update takes much longer to develop, and it's no the same team working on the console port...

    but it'll come, I'm certain of it, I want to believe

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    I'd rather have waited for them to get it properly ready than play the abortion PS4 version.

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    At this point I doubt we'll will get get a patch for consoles.

    They did the same thing with XCOM: EW on PS3. I waited patiently for it since I really enjoyed EU, but what I got was a total broken mess. Save corruption made Ironman impossible (just like Ironman in WotC). Guess how many patches we got? Zero.

    To this day there has been no response from Firaxis or 2K. No apology, no "I'm sorry, but XCOM: EW didn't ship enough units for a patch to be cost effective" PR speak. That pill would have been easier to swallow than a wall of silence.

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    To be honest I don't even really like what they've done with WotC anyway. It would have been nice to play it, I guess? But as things stand Jake Soloman and Firaxis can shove the Chosen up their arse.

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    It's pretty awful - I submitted a complaint on 2K site - if I get any good news. I will share it.

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    I already sent a ticket to 2K, they just don't care.
    I also asked for a refund to Sony. They told me to send my complaints to 2K.

    Responsibility denial, as always. This situation irritates me.

    No respect for the consumers.

    By the way, this is what the PS4 version of War of the Chosen looks like:

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    They replied to me, but they addressed me like I was 12. I asked if there was a patch that would address these issues, but instead of answering my question - they referred me to a generic 3 step fix - re-powering my device, re-downloading the software, and checking internet settings.

    I was polite and asked them again about the patch. I hope there is one in the works and I hope it comes out s

    I'm going to see if firaxis has a forum as well.

    I know this would never happen, but I tweeted digital foundry about this game (I know I'm daydreaming). But it would really help if they made a video - I'm sure this would get fix if that happen and I wish publications would do the same thing. The more outlets that take about broken games. The more it would help getting them fix.

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    Thanks for the video and I had some of the same issue - but I just ended not playing anymore. I assume a patch would be on its way some time soon.

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    Was the console version developed by Blind Squirrel? We should address to them.

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    Firaxis doesn't have a forum because it would be flooded with people calling them out on their BS.

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    well done on the video and pressuring them. I'm more surprised of the gaming media staying silent about this.

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    I myself don't miss any tweet from xcom/jake solomon and always replies asking for the patch on consoles
    jake doesn't have a lot of followers so go on and be the majority to ruin his life until he gets it out
    blind squirel also have a twitter account

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    I submitted a ticket with 2K about XCOM 2 (PS4) about a year ago. I asked about a patch and I explained my issue with the game. They replied back - with a very PR reply, but they confirmed a patch was on it's way. The game still had issues, but it was way better than before.

    Then with wotc I submitted another ticket about a patch, but this time they did not answer my question. They have continued to reply to me in the tone of (trouble-shoots), like there's an issue with my system, not the game. They will not answer my question about a patch.

    It's sad, because on steam, 2k made a post on steam with PC patch notes. They said within those notes - that this was coming to console soon. This is the only place on the internet that says a patch is coming to consoles and with 2k support not confirming a patch. I feel like this is not coming.

    I only played 7 missions and I had all kinds of crashes (2) and bugs. The game still take forever to load (2:01 for missing 7) that's crazy.

    My frustration with this whole issue. Is on steam ( they list all the bugs and issues with the game and I still have to explain the issues I'm having with XCOM 2 on PS4. The game is broken...

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    maybe if we all use this tag and flood jake solomon's account... something will happen?

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    PC version got another patch, by the way.

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    any mention again of a coming soon version for consoles? actually it would make sense they delayed it if they found out a new one was needed :P still want to believe

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    Let us not forget XCOM: EW on PS3. It never got patched once, not even on launch.

    The wall of silence from coming from Firaxis and 2K was insulting.

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    I assume not enough people has bought War of the Chosen on consoles. So they just don't care.

    I asked a refund to Sony, they told me to try to restart my console or contact 2K.
    I tried to contact 2K, they told me to restart my console.

    This is more than insulting...

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    if indeed that's the case and we'll never get a patch, that's the last game I buy from 2k/Firaxis/Blind Squirrel.

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