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    Mafia 3 is open world with not enough to do. There isn't many activities. I feel the game should have more to do. I have completed the game and am left with nothing to do. Also it is very difficult to make money in this game. There needs to be something to do to keep making money. Sure there is the kickback you can collect from each district. But it's not enough. It would be nice to rob stores and be rewarded with a good amount of cash instead of like $40. Also the car customization needs to be fixed. I wanna be able to see how an outlook of the car before making a car part purchase. It's waisting a great amount of money in game to have to keep on buying something for the car just to see how the full car looks with that attachment. There needs to be shops in the game where you can purchase additional cars and clothes. Just like in Mafia 2 where you can purchase suits in stores. Also the combat I dislike where its 1 hit knockout. I wish there was a better combat system similar to Mafia 2 where you are prompted to use buttons on the controller. Please do something to make the game better.

    P.s: if you plan on making money off a game add more features to it so that way after the game is completed we as the consumers don't feel bored. If possible maybe to add extra fun maybe make the game co-op. Make things more interesting. A game doesn't come out well when it's rushed.

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    If you've purchased the Faster, baby! DLC, you can use the herbalism activity to make large amounts of extra cash. Once fully upgraded, a crop can sell for $30-$50K each, this can be done every 20 minutes or so. As for robbing stores, many store have a blue cash box in the back office, which will give you $500-$1000 when robbed.

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