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Thread: my H2H running record...

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    I only have competed in a few player matches against fourm players and they were all years ago. I do decent if I get an average start, I'm just not sure how the greats never seem to get a bad start lol. I don't always have time for what could be a lengthy match with a good player, so maybe that is everyone else's logic too. I do have a small personal goal of cracking the H2H top 10 without using a power civ. I'm currently mid 20s. I got up to 19 before I had a 3 game losing streak consist of me hard freezing once when entering a city screen too fast, a resync that disconnected me, and a freeze that was on the other guys side, but aint no one got time for that. The leaderboard seems very easy to crack right now, I just don't have the patience to climb too quickly.

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    Just had a fun game vs teamdoja. My rome vs his Russia. My horse army takes 4 pop beijeng but it's at the end of a long peninsula. Researched IW for defense, but I decide to but 2 vet LA + HA + 3 archers on a galley to go surprise attack his flank. Galley is loaded at 1900bc. By the time I round a giant peninsula, my troops finally land near his cities at 0ad. He has AAs everywhere,but at least I made him build that. While doing this he jumps ahead in tech 12-6. He great builds samurai castle and EITC. I go gold and finish filling up the 30% of the map I chocked off. About 800ad I set to demo and am doing 150 beakers per turn. I then switch to gold for my 500g GP. Scientist. Industrialization. It was my first 1st to bonus since IW... Thanks to banked hammers, have Oxford next turn. Set to corp and have in 4 turns. First to... Doing 400g while on all science. He soon quits,and says he took it too easy on me. I'm on a mission to make sure no one takes it easy on me anymore. Lol.

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