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Thread: Can't win almost any games

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    Can't win almost any games

    I am using a full set of hardened cards and u can't win almost any games. Every deck I go against is unbalanced with elites/ultimates then a green or two. I'm wondering if I should unbalance my deck to give me a chance cause a even deck is doing nothing for me.

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    The only way a balance deck works is with commons or uncommons. If you have manager supports, just use uncommons for easy wins.

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    Sadly this game basically rewards sandbagging in all modes. Only mode you get to use all your cards is rtg until you it the wall even then sandbagging helps you continue.
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    I do think something changed when we went to S4 however........back in S3, if you had a sandbagging deck, the game would match you (most of the time) with another sandbagging deck.....If you played a balanced deck, it would match you up with another balanced deck (again, most of the time)....

    Of course, maybe there aren't many "balanced" decks out there any more, so the game simply can't find many to match you up with.....
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