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Thread: Deck balancing advice needed

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    Deck balancing advice needed

    At this stage it's looking like I'm going to get Gallows from RTG, which will potentially be my first Pro. Roman will also be a Monster Pro (my 3rd).

    My question is, what should I do to maintain balance through my decks, especially RTG

    My deck currently is-

    Males- 2 Monster Pro, 5 Titan single, 1 Beast Pro (yes, I already have more Monster Pros than Beast ones), 1 SS17 Pro (Event Drew), and the rest Monster singles

    Females- 1 Beast Pro, 1 Monster, 1 SS17 Fusion Pro, 1 SS17 Regular Pro

    I'm definitely going to Pro Roman, to go with my other 2 pros. With this in mind should I-

    A) keep Gallows as 2 singles until I get more Beast/Monster pros

    B) Pro Gallows but keep him low (a bit above Monster pro to make him a Monster killer)

    C) Pro Gallows and max him out, since that and Roman plus my 2 other Monster pros should push me into Titan tier

    Tier- Titan
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    Well pro’ing gallows probably won’t push you Titan as you’ll still be weak at diva. But pro the cards and max them out. It will push your top 8 higher and improve your monster pull rate. For RTG or RD, you can always pull the pro out if it’s really unbalancing your deck but pro them and max them! Lol
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    All tiers except rtg reward sandbagging. Pro him
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