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Thread: NBA 2K18 Nintendo Switch Updates

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    NBA 2K18 Nintendo Switch Updates

    Patch 1.07 is NOT Available for any users in the Nintendo Switch. Even though it's been heard that the patch is meant to be available for Nintendo Switch, it is most definately not. And this is not an issue for just myself, I have seen all other Switch users asking for the update to become available on various social media forums. Every current Switch owner is only on version 1.06 of NBA 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch. Just please address this immediately and make the update actually available for all Switch users.

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    Please click the 2K Forums banner at the top of the screen and search out the forum for the game you're posting about where there is possibly a thread about this topic already. This forum is for forum-specific issues only.

    For official support, go here: or
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