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Thread: WWE 2K18 Feedback Project: CREATION SUITE

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    Okay... Another year... Another naive attempt of requesting things & proposing ideas to improve this game... Here we go!

    1. Fix the body morphing for females, that have been addressed in this thread.! With the way the body morphing is, we clearly can't create proper CAWs of curvier & bustier women! Even though women like Dana Brooke, Stephanie McMahon, Natalya, Charlotte, Jackie & Nikki Bella are in the game.

    2. Let us use every Attire Part for all genders. Why can I give a Female CAW/Superstar, Tyson Kidd's Old Tag Title Design Shorts, but not his current Maple Leaf Design Shorts? That makes no sense! We should be able to use every type of top, bottom or overall for both genders.

    3. Let us use the Gobbledy Gooker Costume as an in-ring attire! Why did you guys even bother adding it to the game? As if anyone wants to use that costume as an entrance attire only? If the game can't handle it, don't add it to the game! Plain and simple!

    4. Let us finally be able to create guys like Yokozuna, Viscera, Giant Haystacks, Akebono etc. etc. And not just slimmer versions of them.

    5. Give us more hair cuts! Especially from real Wrestlers, not in the game! You added Donald Trump & Rey's Hairstyles, but not the ones for Kenny Omega, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tetsuya Naito, Naomichi Marufuji, Pete Dunne etc. etc? Same goes for attires! You gave us a Jushin Thunder Liger Costume, Tiger Mask's Mask etc. etc. We need more stuff like that! If you don't make Ted Dibiase playable, at least give us his Suit! And how about some attires of in game wrestlers, that they have worn in the past? For example this attire for Natalya or some of Shawn Michaels Attires from 2006-2010. And let us use every in game Wrestler's hair cut!

    6. Fix long hair/mask combinations! Why can't I give a Jushin Liger CAW, his proper hair style? Why can't I combine certain masks, with long hair? Let us be able to turn "on/off" hair, when wearing a mask! And give us more masks! Especially masks that fit together with the in game mask designs! And we need more of those as well.

    7. Fix the combinations of attire parts & hair/facial hair in general! Why can't I combine Hairstyle X & Beard Y, with Headdress A or Jacket B? Why can't I put on certain Hats, Helmets, Crowns etc. etc. with certain hairstyles or beards?

    8. Let us use every Grapple(no matter the position) & Strike as a Signature/Finisher.

    9. Let us Mirror Logos! If I want a symmetrical design for my outfit, we should be able to just place 2 logos at once, that are on the opposite side of each other!

    10. Give us more fonts! And let us edit their material! And beside more fonts, give us fonts based on real designs. For example a nWo, DX or ECW Font. We shouldn't have to waste custom logo slots on stuff like that!

    11. Let us use EVERY in game song as an entrance theme! Why are there so many songs in create a show, that we can't use outside of it? Kassius Ohno's Old Theme for example!

    12. Give us more CAW & Logo Slots!

    13. Make it easier to delete Logos! We shouldn't be forced to scroll through the list of logos just to find the ones we want/should delete. Let us filter them by used & unused and even better would be a filter for each CAW & custom Attire, so we can delete select logos from a certain CAW or custom attire, instead of having to search for it, by scrolling through a list for 20-40 minutes! And give us the option to automatically delete logos, when we delete an CAW or Attire!

    14. Add more logos to the game & let us change the material of custom logos! It's WWE2K18, and we still have some standard logos from 10 years ago. How about you add more basic shapes & designs to the game? And give us more WWE Logos! And fix this stitching feature. How come it's so low quality? How am I supposed to create a proper attire design with a bunch of pixels?!

    15. Fix community creations! First of all, let some people go on there and delete all this nonsense that gets uploaded all the time! How come every time I check out the "newly" uploaded CAWs there's just a bunch of nonsense or reuploads, from CAWs other people made? On XBox One, there are CAWs of Conor McGregor & Logan Paul that get reuploaded by some trolls on a daily bases. And fix the filtering system! If I search for "Wrestler A", I only want to see CAWs of "Wrestler A", not CAWs of "Wrestlers B-Z".

    15. Improve the hair dying system & hair colors in general. Some hair styles can't get colored propebly. And the hair dying should look more natural as well! And give us a "fading" effect & fix the overall texture of it, so dyed hair, doesn't look like it's just been painted on.

    16. Give us more moves! There are so many signatures moves of Wrestlers in/outside the game, that aren't in this game yet. Just take a look at all these "Moves that should be in WWE2KXX" Threads from the past few years. We shouldn't be forced to repeat ourselves all the tme! Just add them to the game.

    17. Fix the taunts! For example. Why are the Rainmaker/Rainstorm & Cleaner Poses not aviable as an Wake Up Taunt? And why are taunts like the Matt Hardy Delete Taunt, only aviable as wake up taunts? And give us more audio taunts! And more taunts from non in game Wrestlers. No matter if they are from WWE, WCW, ECW, ROH, NJPW, TNA etc. etc. we need more taunts! And how come Taunts for guys like Kevin Owens have some type of Mouth Animation, but no audio? What went wrong there?

    18. Give us more entrance animations! The ones you removed & add more Non-WWE Entrance Animations. And fix the "Great Muta" Magic Monster entrance. Why does it have a proper Great Muta walking animation in the Tag Version of it, but just a regular generic one in the singles version? And add more generic themes to the game! Also ones that kinda sound like Themes of Non-WWE Wrestlers & and if they aren't in the game. Add the WWE Themes of guys like Jushin Liger. WWE mad a theme for his NXT TakeOver Match, that song should be in the game! Together with his entrance animation.

    19. Add more call names! From Non-WWE Wrestlers from the last 30+ years & a bunch of international names! We barely have any Asians names for example.

    20. Give us more tattoos! And get rid of these ugly designs from 10 years ago! If a game like UFC Game can have a bunch of decent looking tattoo options, then WWE Game should have them as well.

    That's it for now. But maybe I'll add more later.
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    Remove and get rid of VC aka Virtual Currency

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    How about the actual themes for Create-A-Show like the old ECW one, the correct Nitro theme, and some old school RAW themes. The 25th anniversary was this year, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JabroniJobber View Post
    I. Instead of having 3 different Stings eating up slots you could use superstar heads to allow the versions to be created with ease.
    No terrible idea. superstar heads sucked the necks was giraffe like and it would be a step back. we are on ps4 and xbox1 not ps3 and xbox360. No legends or there alt attires should be removed unless their contract is up or if they did something like enzo.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheImpCaiman View Post
    Remove and get rid of VC aka Virtual Currency
    Facts are thats Never happening its only the beginning. The ceo of 2k said they are gonna enforce this in all of their games from now on out. So this might not be the type of game for people with little or no money. The companies will get more greedy each realease.
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    Everything in this thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by gorilladaddy636 View Post
    Facts are thats Never happening its only the beginning. The ceo of 2k said they are gonna enforce this in all of their games from now on out. So this might not be the type of game for people with little or no money. The companies will get more greedy each realease.
    At least VC can still currently be earned through gameplay unlike the credits system introduced by Ubisoft in a number of their games, though.
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    More freedom to layer clothing items the way we want to
    More mask options, mainly the featureless mask from last gen
    Get rid the ridiculous limitations (Long Hair, can't have certain jackets)
    NO more gender-locking create a superstar items
    Bring back patterns for create a superstars
    Different types of skin textures (Wood, Metal, Ice, Plastic)

    Better color system, I hate the current one

    Create a crowd sign (how this is not in, amazes me)

    Updated call list, it feels like forever since there was anything new added

    New Names:
    the Void
    Queen (without "the")
    Spider(without "the")

    Updated locations, more Canadian cities
    New tag-team call names notably "the Four Hoursewomen"

    Fix the logo stretching, the switch mapping was a good idea, but was far from perfect

    A fully customizable referee, including gender

    Improve and open up match creator to like it was in the last gen, where you could have an Ironman Last Man Standing rules in a Extreme Rules match
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    Letting us layer the clothing the way we want would be nice...

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    -Bring back Create a Story
    -Bring back removed create a entrance animations
    -Bring back all removed arenas(and create a arena parts) from 2k15 to present.
    -increase caw & caa slots
    -have up to 50 created alt attires per superstar/diva

    Additions to creation suite is not a suitable substition for slacking on NEW Legends content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rj10018576 View Post
    -have up to 50 created alt attires per superstar/diva
    I could see created alts being upped to 3 or even 4 per CAW slot, but 50 is just ludicrous.
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    Story Designer needs to come back. Also let us customize a championship entrance in Entrance creation.

    Increase Logo limit to at least 2000 or more
    Increase CAW slots (100 is not enough, 250 may be a good start)

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    - create a story
    - bring back removed create an entrance animations
    - removed superstars hairstyles
    - fix championship clipping!
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    I believe this was removed from create-an-entrance at some point?

    I don't understand why.
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    More Original and Superstar / Legends Single , Tag and Trio entrances please

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    Yeah, I would love to see more original theme songs and entrances. Or possibly past, indie and NJPW wrestlers' entrances and parodies of their theme songs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by English Phenom View Post
    My Creation Suite wishlist:

    CAW Call Names:
    Abe (e.g. Abe Coleman [Pro-wrestling's only verified centenarian], Abe Lincoln, Abe Knuckleball Schwartz)
    Baron (e.g. Baron Corbin, Barron Blade, The Red Baron, Baron Von Beefcake, Barron Trump,)
    Barry (e.g. Barry Horowitz, Barry Windham, Barry Hardy [no relation to Hardy Boyz], Barry Dawson, Barry O/Barry Orton)
    Big Train
    Dog Faced Gremlin
    Malone (Karl and Mailman were callnames in 2K18 and Malone did team with DDP at Bash At The Beach 1998)
    Oscar (Men On A Mission's manager)
    The Refrigerator (because William Perry was in a WrestleMania Battle Royal at WrestleMania 2)
    Rodman (Dennis and The Worm was callnames in 2K18 and Rodman did team with Hulk Hogan at Bash At The Beach 1998)
    Shaq (We had The Mailman in 2K18 and Shaq did compete in an Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal)
    Xavier (Yes, there is a wrestler called Xavier Woods in WWE but Xavier is unavailable as a call name by itself.)

    Tag Team/Stable Call Names:
    British Strong Style
    Clowns ‘R Us
    Guts & Glory
    Mustache Mountain
    Roddy’s Rowdies
    Street Profits
    Team B.A.D.
    Team Canada (Used in WCW as a faction led by Lance Storm, used in WWE as a Survivor Series team name consisting of Bulldog, Neidhart, Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon. Also, used in TNA/Impact Wrestling as a heel faction led by Scott D'Amore which has current US Champion, Bobby Roode and SAntiY leader, Eric Young as alumni)
    Team ECW
    Team USA
    Team WCW
    Team WWE
    The Allied Powers
    The Bar (As an alternative to "The Team of Sheamus and Cesaro")
    The Balor Club
    The Bludgeon Brothers
    The Darkside
    The Dungeon of Doom
    The Fabulous Rougeaus (WWE has Raymond Rougeau on their French Commentary Team)
    The Foreign Fanatics
    The 4x4s
    The Glamour Girls
    The Hart Brothers (This was the Survivor Series team name of Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Bruce Hart and Keith Hart)
    The Jumping Bomb Angels
    The King's Court
    The Lawyers
    The Mercenaries
    The Million Dollar Team
    The Mizfits (WWE '12's fictional stable led by Miz)
    The Miztourage
    The Riott Squad
    The Royals
    The Rude Brood/The Roode Brood
    The Teamsters
    The Ultimate Warriors
    The Undisputed Era
    The Vipers
    The Visionaries
    Titus Worldwide


    Surfboard Hold and a Leapfrog Double Stomp combo)
    Heavy Machinery - The Compactor
    Heavy Machinery - Aided Bearhug
    Heavy Machinery - Boom Shaka Loom
    Heavy Machinery - 2-On-2 The Compactor
    Heavy Machinery - Aided Scoop Slam Senton
    The Steiner Brothers - Steinerizer/American Alpha - Tech Fall (Long overdue move that gets requested every year yet still hasn't made it into a WWE videogame.)
    The Undisputed Era - Chasing The Dragon
    The Bludgeon Brothers - The Bludgeoning
    The Bludgeon Brothers - Double Crucifix Powerbomb
    The Fabulous Freebirds - The Badstreet Bomb (If The Shield can have a Trio OMG move then the Freebirds should and deserve to have one too as we have 3 Fabulous Freebirds yet no Badstreet Bomb as a Trio finisher for them (which should be an OMG move for the Freebirds seeing an OMG move is only way to do a Trio finisher in the game)

    The Badstreet Bomb is when Hayes and Garvin/Roberts would double back drop their opponent into Terry Gordy (the only Freebird not to be in a WWE game), who would then pick them up and Powerbomb them but is not to say that the move wouldn't look good in videogame form if Garvin or Roberts (whichever one isn't helping Hayes with the the Double Back Drop) did Gordy's part of the Badstreet Bomb move while Hayes and Garvin/Roberts did the Double Back Drop part of the move.

    We also need Diving related moves for when one wrestler on the Top Rope while their opponent is on the Apron.
    e.g.]Because as seen here we have the problem of the Player controlled wrestler being on the Top Rope while their opponent is on the Apron yet the Top Rope player can't hit the opponent because they can't do any moves from the Top Rope to their opponent whom is on the Apron due no more being available from this scenario position. Likewise we need grapple moves that we can do from the Apron to our Top Rope opponent (e.g. Throwing our opponent off of the Top Rope while we are on the Apron).
    I wish there was a way that simple names/words would be recognized. I was trying to create a female wrestler named Sin/Syn and to my shock the word sin wasn't an option.

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    In-game roster should have their names as call names. It only makes sense.
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    I say try to find a way for custom music but if not have a library of past wwe themes we can choose from for our caws and maybe bring back preset entrances from the past such as morrison, mvp, etc. Also should bring morphing back for caw bodies. Superstar threads needs to return for those of us that use our 1000 logo limots on caws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arbiter221 View Post
    Bring back create a logo.
    Technically it's in, it's just called group logo now.

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    Somebody mentioned create-a-referee before. I think that would be cool. I don't know how it would work, but yeah.
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    We need enough video slots for all of our caws

    Add 100 slots to create a video it's no point of having 100 slots for caws if you don't have enough video slots for them to use for entrances I like the new features for creating a video on wwe 2k18

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    Better generic music choices, the return of free camera in Superstar Studio and more than 100 slots for CAWs and alternate attires are all necessary going forward. If alternate attires must take up a CAW slot, then we at least need 150-200 slots.
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    I agreed with most of Tyrant185 list and I added a few minor things

    Created Superstars need a backstory

    We need a section available to flesh out our characters with a full backstory, that will then be referenced by the commentators during the opening stages of matches. For example:

    - Name
    - Height
    - Weight
    - Hometown
    - Debut year
    - Trained by
    - Education (State, and Honors - if applicable)
    - Previous Career (i.e. MMA, NFL, NBA, Military, Acting, Bouncer, Boxer, Strongman, Olympian etc - if applicable)
    - Personality traits
    - Allies/Enemies
    - Favourite Superstar (if applicable)

    Add Superstar Closet
    - Best example I can give is think of all the versions of HBK. We have The Rockers, HBK 92, HBK 96, HBK 2002, HBK 2005, HBK 2010. If we had a superstar closet we can recreate as many versions of the ones we want using t-shirt designs, themes, etc... from the WWE library. This would also help with each superstar having 4 attires if applicable.

    Created Superstars need more attires per slot. 4 instead of 2 would be nice but the more the merrier.

    * We need more than 1000 logos limit because of how great some of the CAWS are this year. *

    More than 100 save slots are needed for Created Superstars

    More modern hairstyles would be nice for both male and female, whether short/long or straight/curly/wavy/afro/braided/dreads etc

    We VERY much need a super heavyweight body type in the shape of a Yokozuna/Viscera


    Create a Match needs waaaay more options

    - Championship Scramble Conditions
    - Leave the ring in Royal Rumbles/Battle Royals
    - Alter elimination conditions in Royal Rumbles (Let us be creative if we wish. Please stop restricting us)
    - Hardcore Time Limit Title Conditions (Capture The Flag)
    - Item On a Pole/Flag match
    - Casket/Dumpster/Ambulance/Hearse/Buried Alive match Conditions

    Additionally once these match types are saved, allow us to upload them to Community Creations

    Create An Arena

    - Staging position so we can have curved aisles like King of the Ring 1996
    - More staging templates
    - Improved lighting (The Bash at the Beach lighting is horribly dull)
    - Allow us to place logos over existing logos (Bash at the Beach, Over The Edge 98 etc)
    - Longer/Shorter aisle options (i.e. WrestleMania stadiums with longer aisles, or retro MSG with the shorter aisle)
    - Security guards escorting superstars to the ring in retro arenas like at MSG
    - Please add in Japanese Style/ Boxing turnbuckle padding
    - Combine Create A Show and Create An Arena

    Create A Show

    - Combine Create A Show and Create An Arena

    - Allow us to select the match screen background via custom images

    Create A Video

    I'd like if for this we could have pre-made templates, which we can then simply swap out clips for our own Superstar. The general mechanics felt really messed up in 2K18 though so I'd like if it was more user-friendly.

    Create A Moveset

    Allow us a new section in our moveset that dictates how our superstar will sell a strong Irish Whip to the turnbuckle. For example:

    - Sgt. Slaughter (Chest first, over the ropes to the outside - Royal Rumble 1992)
    - Rey Mysterio (Hits it with his back and falls face down to the canvas)
    - Triple H (Hits the buckle with his back, and then back flips over the ropes to the outside)
    - Shawn Michaels (Flips up onto the top rope in a seated position, before flipping back down into the ring groggy)
    - Bret Hart (Chest-first)
    - Ric Flair (Front flips over the ropes onto the apron before stumbling along groggy and vulnerable to attack)

    Additionally, allow us a rename option for all moves in the game so they can be tailored to the characters.

    Edit Mode

    - Referees (Personality traits - Leniency, Count speed, Attention Span for distractions, Resiliency to determine down time etc)

    Bring back Create A Story to upload to CC again, with no limitations on how many created superstars can be in.

    - Updates for new t-shirt designs, themes, and more
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    Quote Originally Posted by WarGreymon77 View Post
    Somebody mentioned create-a-referee before. I think that would be cool. I don't know how it would work, but yeah.
    I was thinking it could be part of Create A Show, and where you pick where pick the Referee you want... There could be an Customize option there...
    Letting us layer the clothing the way we want would be nice...

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    Create a ref is fine in theory but there are so many other glaring holes and issues in this series that it seems silly to focus on something so small and overall adds so little
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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomHer0 View Post
    Create a ref is fine in theory but there are so many other glaring holes and issues in this series that it seems silly to focus on something so small and overall adds so little
    I agree here, there’s much more important aspects they can focus on before something like this.

    However, I’m in the camp where I’d actually like to see referee personalities in the actual game. Someone like Charles Robinson would add a bit more immersion for me, but I know there’s many holes to jump through that probably aren’t worth it to get there...

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    It would be nice to have in-game wrestlers call names part of the call name list. Also have towns, cities, states, etc. included in the call names as well.

    I still would like to see the return of last gen's separate creation called Superstar Threads brought back to this series so we don't have to use Superstar Studio to make a simple attire with a different color scheme. Like I've said before I can understand if I want an entirely new attire from scratch or alternate persona I'd have to use Creation Studio, but if I wanted to take Kane in 2K18 and reverse his attire colors I should be able to go into Superstar Threads and save an additional 3 color options like we were able to do before.

    Bring back older moves that were removed. There were a lot of variations of the DDT, Powerbomb, Chokeslam, etc. that were cool and can fit a lot of current 2K18 wrestlers but they are gone now. I wish they'd bring back some of them. What happened to the ladder Chokeslam by the way?

    Allowing every single move to be a Finisher or a Signature. It sucked I couldn't give Rhyno the Apron Piledriver as a finishing move when it is in the moves list and it is restricted to a signature only or normal move. Stop restricting moves to be used as Signatures or Finishers. Also in the basic strikes there needs to be a few other strikes that are only in strong strikes at the moment. Can we add some basic dropkicks and other moves in there?

    When creating a wrestler can we bring back the old face morphing so if we don't want to upload photos we don't have to? Also put more face paint from past wrestlers in the game. This year we had everything of Doink's except his face paint!

    For wrestlers with more than 1 theme or even CAWs we have, let us add an entrance/theme to each attire.

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    - More than 100 Caw Slots... 200 would be nice.

    - Create a Manager (like Legends of Wrestlemania) With tipical Movement and Objects (Jimmy Hart for example, Mr Fuji, Henan, Heyman, Slick, Hornswoggle).

    - Create Big Men like Yokozuna, Viscera, etc.

    - Create a PPV to play in Exhibition with Referee, Match Types, Show, Interviews, Cutscenes, Promos etc.
    - Create A Referee
    - More Entrances Random for Tag Teams, Stables and Single Wrestler
    - More Music Entrances for Random Wrestler

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    Create a story needs to come back.

    Create a ref would be interesting.

    Custom music options for entrances would be great as I want that brought back.

    Allow us to have more than 5 people in a stable.

    More entrance options 3 people and for more for 4 people as well.

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    Would like to make realistic looking Yokozuna or Mabel/Viscera CAWs. Also there is a definite lack of African American hairstyles. Can you at least bring back the Harlem Heat hair styles from a few years ago?

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    • Advanced Champion Entrance
    • Advanced Tag Team Entrance
    • Create a Comeback
    • Create a Sign
    • Story Designer
    • Edit existing wrestlers' hair & beards
    • Greater height range for men & women
    • Hometowns/Names of existing wrestlers to be used by CAWs
    • Menu Poses w/ items
    • Hair sticks out of masks
    • Men/women can use each other's hairstyles & clothing
    • Not having to remove beards when wearing headgear
    • More alt slots for CAWs
    • Improved body morphing to create Yokozuna
    • Edit boots/gloves simultaneously/separately
    • Adjustable hairstyles
    • Backstories
    • WWE logo as a keyboard letter
    • Add "Championship" to back of every Custom Championship name
    • Ability to choose counters/reversals in Create a Moveset
    • Ability to use kneeling/springboard to in-ring moves as Special Moves
    • Merge Create-A-Show with Create-An-Arena, including when downloading an Arena you also download a Show
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    Create a Superstar:

    I'd love to be able to change hand and feet-sizes.
    Being able to adjust limb length would be great too but I know that would probably cause more clipping issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Bones View Post
    Would like to make realistic looking Yokozuna or Mabel/Viscera CAWs. Also there is a definite lack of African American hairstyles. Can you at least bring back the Harlem Heat hair styles from a few years ago?
    Me being a black man i will say this is true. Its hard finding a good hairstyle for my career guy on the game bc not all of us black people wear braids or dreadlocks.
    Its Amazing Aries Creations. Checkout out all of my creations for wwe 2k18. The search tag is 1MCW or the wrestlers name.

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    Create A Superstar
    • The Ability to add a custom entrance to alternate attires.
    • Increase the Character slots to about 150.
    • Allow us to make bigger body types.
    • More generic tights and pants.
    • More hair.

    Create A Entrance/Vcitory
    • Create an Entrance and Create a Victory should be merged.
    • Championship entrances in advanced creation.
    • Allow us to adjust the camera angles.
    • More themes that sound less "generic", generic entrances and "inspired" entrances.

    Create A Arena/Show
    • Create an Arena and Create a Show should be merged.
    • More crowd types both in size and looks. A crowd in Japan should look like a crowd in Japan.
    • More arena templates.

    Create A Move-set
    • More moves.

    Create A Championship
    • More parts.

    Create A Video
    • Perhaps the most underrated part of the "Create a" features. But it has it fair share of issues.
    • Encoding time should be decreased.
    • Add a static image function (both text and images would apply) to create "NXT-style" entrance videos.
    • Increase the Video slots to about 50.
    • Add the option to set the video as a Entrance Video, Mini-tron, Side-tron, etc.

    Create A Match
    • To option to add weapons pre-placed onto the ring.
    • Add a structure to any match type.
    • More stipulations.
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    For Create-a-Video, I'd like to be able to be able to stretch a logo to the full size of the video. As seen in early/mid-90s video walls and such:
    The WCW Guy

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    - First of all, let's get a decent background for 2k19 right? Whoever thought that blue & red glare in CAS was a good idea should be fired.

    - Remove gender locking. If I want to put a bra on a dude or a beard on a girl, I should be able to do it.

    - Option to give CAWs a split tongue.

    - Body morphing needs to be better. I want to be able to make Viscera sized wrestlers, lengthen/shorten limbs and increase/decrease hands & feet.

    - More face templates.

    - Face shape templates.

    - Let us give CAWs an actual mouthguard instead of having to do the Rubber teeth workaround.

    - Scars, spots, bruises, moles, freckles, etc. all need to be separated in the same way wrinkles has different categories. There also needs to be more things added here, especially freckles & acne scars.

    - More tattoo options need to be added. To put it simply, you need to give us the freedom & variety that we have on NBA 2k. The generic designs we've had for several years are awful.

    - Armpit hair please.

    - Body freckles, birthmarks, moles, ritual scarification (should be able to do that on the head too), extra nipples, etc.

    - Full body paint that wears away like face paint.

    - The hair dye feature needs a "Dye All'' button, to make things easier and much quicker for when we want to edit real superstars.

    - All the materials that are available in Create-an-Arena, Custom Championship, etc. need to be added to CAS. Patterns too.

    - Kinesio tape that can be applied on various parts of the body.

    - More specifically, the new patterns I want for CAS are Camo, Tartan and Paisley.

    - Obviously we need a lot of new clothing options but my main requests are: Glasses that rest on top of someones head, Goggles, Toothpicks, Balaclava, Hijab, ear gauges, tongue piercings, much more body piercing options, slim Tuxedos (Bond style), Onesies, more detailed kilts, generic Alexa Bliss hoody, generic Bayley jacket.

    - For the most part I want loads of wrestler hairstyles added, however, there's a few celebrity haircuts that I would like to see: Lil Uzi Vert's half shaved, half (short) locs, xxxtentacion's most popular style with the two-tone short dreads, Robin Wright's short hair, Elizabeth Taylor's "Cleopatra" look, Shia LaBeouf's Rat-tail from a few years ago.

    - More variety in Hometowns, I want to see Birmingham, England in for starters. There's plenty of popular areas in UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, etc. that are missing.

    - Mr., Mrs., Miss, Guy, Dude, Chick and Lady all need to be added to call names. We should also be able to put The in front of any nickname. Prefixes & suffixes should be added too.

    - Champion Menu Screen Poses. Also I'd like to see some more generic poses, and also some with props.

    - A button in Menu Screen Poses that switches hand gestures around. For example, Vader's pose can only done with the left hand, but I'd like to be able to do it with the right because there are more stances where the right arm is raised.

    - More facial expressions. Split them into categories (e.g. Happy, Angry, Crazed, etc.) too to make things easier.

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    They should bring back create a finisher. That was fun.

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    Let us take screenshots in Highlight Reel. Save it onto our PS4/XBONE/Switch.

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    Let us import our own videos into the game in create a video like how we can import images. It would make it better for titantrons of our CAWs that are based on real life wrestlers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Young View Post
    Let us import our own videos into the game in create a video like how we can import images. It would make it better for titantrons of our CAWs that are based on real life wrestlers.
    That would be good.

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    Create a Championship:
    6-Man (or Woman) Championship

    New call names:
    King of the Ring
    Steel Cage

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Young View Post
    Let us import our own videos into the game in create a video like how we can import images. It would make it better for titantrons of our CAWs that are based on real life wrestlers.
    The same thing could be to import our own music...
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    Letting us layer the clothing the way we want would be nice...

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