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Thread: Ken Levine reveals new game development ambitions.

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    Ken Levine reveals new game development ambitions.

    In an article by Polygon , Ken at GDC talked more about the kind of game he and the remaining members of Irrational will work on - Can check it out here -

    Here's video of the talk -

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    Interesting. While I'm sure there are other examples, I think this has been done to some degree before. KOTOR 2 comes to mind where you gain or lose influence with various party members based on your actions and they are frequently at odds.

    Sounds like Ken is saying this is less linear, but conceptually it seems like you'd either have multiple meters tracking different actions (i.e. reactionary 'buckets') or they'd all stack into one meter; the former option seems more genuine. This seems odd to me because overall this doesn't seem too complex and you'd just need to put more effort into generating outcomes for dialogue trees or state machines.

    Perhaps he will blow my mind with a new system though. Keep tracking Felonious, let us know!

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