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Thread: Is this game fun?

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    Is this game fun?

    I've heard that it sucks compared to Enemy Within. It's not TBS is it?

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    Nope, not turnbased, but a third person shooter.

    Although the time-slowing down mechanic makes it feel a bit like turn based. Makes that you can keep the strategic overview. But in the end, this is a tactical shooter and aims for a different public then EW.
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    Absolutely it is fun, you can really feel the ambiance of XCOM in it ^^ !

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    If it was a first person shooter and not a third person console port.
    OK, maybe that's a little harsh but I've had about a 50/50 experience with it, some sections are fun and perfectly balanced and other sections either get the AI hung up or the enemies are just too damn hard.

  5. Absolutely it is fun! No questions.

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