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Thread: Multiplayer ports

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    Multiplayer ports

    I don't know how multiplayer works so I'll just write my problem here...

    I enter the bathysphere and the game opens the match screen and then just stays there. It doesn't connect to any matches and people don't connect to my computer so I think that I need to forward some ports to my computer.

    Which ports do I have to forward or can you tell me what's wrong?

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    Found this:

    Port listings for Games for Windows - LIVE
    If you do not use the Windows Firewall program, you can still open the ports that are used by the game when you configure the network. To make sure that these ports are open, or to open these ports, contact the network administrator or the Internet service provider (ISP). If you are the administrator of the network, see the documentation that is provided with your networking software to determine how to open these ports. The following list explains the port configuration specifications for the game:

    * Port forwarding must be enabled on the UDP port 80.
    * Port forwarding must be enabled on the UDP port 3074.

    But note that I personally haven't opened any ports and I don't have any issue with multiplayer.

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    I'll see if this helps although I don't know why I'd need to open port 80.


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    The following ports are required to be opened to use Games for Windows - LIVE.

    - Port 80 (TCP)
    - Port 88 (UDP)
    - Port 53 (TCP/UDP)
    - Port 443 (TCP)
    - Port 3074 (TCP/UDP)

    For more information visit the Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE support pages.

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