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Thread: People with crashing problems!

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    People with crashing problems!

    Turn off the advanced shader effects. My card supports them, but since I have a laptop I can't get the beta drivers for the game and I suppose that ☺☺☺☺s it all up. But I just turned off the advanced shaders, and the game now runs like a charm. No crashing, no stuttering, nothing.

    The game runs with advanced shaders on, but it randomly crashes/hangs.

    Hope this helps!

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    I second this, it's been posted a couple of times now, but this seemed to be the only way I could get the game to go past the 2nd loading screen...

    As soon as I turn the shaders back on: bam, game crashes!

    Intel C2D E6300
    2GB RAM
    GeForce 7950GT

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    Hey, i've been having the same problem, i'll get random crashes "exe stopped working" and bluescreens that seem to be pointing to nvidia drivers? Anyways, I tried disabling that option like you suggested, and the game didn't crash at all! However about five minutes after I had turned the option off...I tried turning it back on and BAM, Bioshock stopped responding I'm getting extremely pissed and frustrated with this game.

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    Thumbs up High Detail Shaders Problem: my work around

    hi.. i'm new here.. and this is my first post...
    well, abt the high detail shaders related crash problem... i've tried turning it on and off on various versions of nvidia drivers... and it crashes with all of them but one.. nvidia forceware 169.09, which is a beta driver... i've played the game for hours without a crash with high detial shaders turned ON... and with the retail patch installed... i don't know if it will work without the retail patch.. i got the newer whql approved driver: 169.21, but again the game crashes.. so i switched back to the beta driver and it works fine...

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    I fixed most of my crashing problems by rebooting before I play the game.

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