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Thread: Last Little Sister in Neptunes Bounty...

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    Last Little Sister in Neptunes Bounty...

    I am not able to find the last LS in the Neptune's Bounty level. I have done the "extra Little Sister" glitch, but I followed the instructions perfectly. I killed the first BD on the Lower Wharf, then I waited until another one came through the door from the Bathysphere, and I killed a third on the Upper Wharf. I should be able to kill another once I return with the research camera, but two things are going wrong:

    1. A BD spawned as I came out of the Bar across from Jet Postal. The splicer was putting up the turret, and the Big Daddy walked past him into the bar.
    2. Back at the Upper Wharf, the Rosie is going from 1 vent to another to another (there are 3 in the same vicinity), but there is no LS coming out.

    What do I do to get the 4th and final LS?

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    bump. anybody have any ideas???

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    You have to get 3 Little Sisters in the lower area BEFORE you go to the upper area. The one in the upper area is scripted and is the bonus Little Sister. If youíre stuck with 2 Little Sisters in the lower area, just wait, another Little Sister will come by eventually. If a very very long time has passed and thereís still nothing, I would personally restart the level.

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    so from where i am now, where ive fought 3 little sisters and im waiting at the top for my fourth after getting the camera, i cant get the extra little sister? seeing as how u seem to have some knowledge about the extra little sister glitches, in which level is it easiest to get the extra little sister: neptune's bounty, arcadia, or fort frolic?

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    Like I said before, you have to get 3 Little Sisters in the lower area BEFORE you go to the upper area. Once you go to the upper area, you will immediately find a Little Sister and Big Daddy. You will have to kill that Big Daddy immediately. The Little Sister is just about finished extracting Adam and will go to her hole. Once she goes inside, there will be no more Little Sisters. So donít get the camera. The only other extra Little Sister bug is in Fort Frolic. Neptune's Bounty is by far the most challenging level since you are relatively weak at that point.

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    so, in that case, i would not be able to go and get the tonic in the muddy area in between the docks of the lower wharf until i kill the 3 bd downstairs? and also, there would not be a little sister after i get the camera if i did this? on the bioshock wiki, it says that u kill the first normally when u walk in, u wait until a second comes, and then u go up to the upper wharf to kill the third. the fourth would then appear after the camera. has it worked ur way?

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    I believe the wiki is wrong. You need to get 3 Little Sisters in the lower area before you go to the upper area. The Upper Wharf has the scripted event and is the extra Little Sister. I personally avoid that tonic in the middle until I get the 4 Little Sisters. It's not a critical tonic. If you need some tips killing the 3 Big Daddies in the lower area, let me know. After reading the wiki, I did not realize you can get an extra Little Sister in Arcadia. Iím going to try this right now. The info on Fort Frolic is correct. But there is a small detail left out. There is a dead body near Cohenís Masterpiece. Do not move it. On one of my play throughs I accidentally moved it and when I came back, there was no extra Little Sister. So every time now, I just avoid that dead body.

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    with the dead body, u mean to not move it with telekinesis, or to not search it? and yes, there is also an extra little sister in arcadia... now, what were some of the tips u had for killing 3 big daddies in a row with a limited amount of ammo and plasmids?

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    This is how I do it:

    Rosie #1:

    When you see the first Little Sister, run right at her.
    While sheís scared grab the 2 explosive barrels and 1 explosive tanks near by. Place them in the path of the Big Dadddy. Scare the Little Sister until you get the barrels positioned. Use your pistol and shoot the barrels. Donít throw them. Big Daddies wonít attack you if shot at the barrels.
    Let him go to the middle area. When the splicers attack him, use your machine gun and Incinerate. Aim for the head. Donít go in the middle area. 1 Rosies down. I find armored piercing bullets in your pistol are not very effective until you get your research bonus.

    Save your game. Go to Gatherer's Garden area. There are 4 explosive barrels here and two more below. Make sure they donít explode. Otherwise reload your saved game. I make a run for the Gatherer's Garden and get your bonus (you did save the Little Sisters, right?) I buy the Target Dummy Plasmid (my favorite). Use the Target Dummy and run to the RPG turret (or zap it) and hack it. Mop up any remaining splicers. Near the Gatherer's Garden, there is a security camera. Donít hack it. Place a Target Dummy in the cameraís path to set off the alarm. Wait for the bot. Zap it and hack it. Thereís a disabled bot there as well. Now you two buddies. They wonít last long against the Rosie, but it does help a bit and more importantly, she will be distracted. Allocate the explosive barrels as you wish for the next 2 Rosies. I use 3 for each Rosie.

    Rosie #2

    Go back outside there should be Rosie there. Place the explosive barrels in the path of Rosie. Shoot a barrel. You might want to shut down your bots far away. Sometimes they get in too close. Then attack the Rosie when you are ready. Use electric buck and your machine gun. If you get in trouble, use Target Dummy. Use it to reposition yourself, get more ammo or run away.

    Rosie #3

    Go back to the Gatherer's Garden area and wait. Sometimes it takes a while for the third Rosie to respawn. If it seems to take way too long, go to Peaches. Grab the grenade launcher, but donít use it for Rosie #3. And do not go to the upper area. Get two more bots as described above. Go back outside. Use the remaining barrels. Attack using electric buck and your machine gun.

    Some things you might want to try:

    - Use TK and throw back the proximity mines Rosie throws at you.
    - Lure the Rosie to the Gatherer's Garden area. The hacked RPG turret will help you out.
    - Donít hack the RPG turret. Lure a Rosie in that area. Use TK to grab RPGs from the turret and throw them at the Big Daddy. This is more difficult but you do have an unlimited supply of RPGs from the turret.
    - If there are nitro splicers nearby. Put a Target Dummy in the path of the Big Daddy. If youíre lucky, The nitro splicer will toss 2 or 3 bombs at the Big Daddy before he gets killed.

    Rosie #4

    Get two more bots if you want. Go to the upper area. Clear out the 2 splicers. Hack the RPG turret. Position yourself so that the Rosie is between you are the RPG turret. Attack using proximity mines, grenades, electric buck, and your machine gun. If you get in trouble, you can jump on that ledge (donít jump all the way down) and regroup. You can walk on the beams and find 2 more grenades in one of the containers. Remember this Little Sister will go in her hole immediately after collecting Adam and will never come back.

    Good luck. And remember, use Target Dummy when you get in trouble or for distraction.

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    with the dead body, u mean to not move it with telekinesis, or to not search it? and yes, there is also an extra little sister in arcadia...
    Yes, don't move it with TK. To be safe don't search it. I've tried a few times, but I'm still unable to get a extra Little Sister in Arcadia. I'll try some more
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    If you ever get stuck looking for Little Sisters, just follow the Big Daddies. They'll go knock on the vents and if you still need a LS, one will come out of the vent. Be sure to keep your distance, though. And don't attack them right when she starts to come out or else she'll go back in.


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    Ya, I think that all of the Little Sisters appear in the lower wharf in this level, unless you follow them to the vents.

    But dont believe me at all! I'm just talking from what I know.
    But a little ADAM isnt that huge yet in the game. Although without that Little Sister, you can't get the "Saved or Harvested every LS" Trophy or Acheivement.

    I say forget him if you cant find him. He's not that important.
    Or beat Peachy Then come back for her

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    yeah i already moved on. besides, i was about to go back to fontaine fisheries anyway, and to restart the whole level would be pointless. so i just continued onto smuggler's hideout. ill try my best to get the extras in arcadia and fort frolic. thanks for everybody's help!

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