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Thread: [Installation Issues]"Not Enough Disk Space"

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    Exclamation [Installation Issues]"Not Enough Disk Space"

    Alright I bought the game on DVD today. I installed Steam from the DVD, created a Steam account, registered my game and proceeded to installing the actual game files, but encountered an issue with the installation: Steam failed to recognize any available disk space. Basically the installer is saying "Disk space required 4254 MB; Disk space available 0 MB" and as I attempt to proceed it tells me that I do not have enough disk space available and should free up some space before continuing. I am running Windows XP sp3 and according to my system information I have around 254 GB of space available in the Steam installation directory.

    I have found a person with a similar situation with other games at Steam forums but am unable to reply there as my Steam forums account is currently awaiting moderator confirmation. His cries for help have also gone unanswered at this time.

    The reasons I am posting this here is even though this is a Steam issue is because Steam has not approved my forum account at this time and given that I do not use Steam for any other purposes than attempting to play Civ, it is severely hampering me from enjoying _your_ end product.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem and is there any way to counter this? I will be happy to provide additional information should it be required.

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    Have you emailed customer support? This is a new issue to me, and definitely something client related.

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    I had this problem the 1st I installed steam almost 2 years ago.

    download from steam site (don't use the disc version).
    make sure you install steam at the correct HD.

    i took steam to help me almost a 6-7 days ...
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    I have now contacted both T2 european technical support and left an open ticket in Steam support.

    Next I shall try deleting my Steam client and DL from their site. Thanks for the tip, lt mor.

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    It worked!

    Thank you so very, very much!

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    all the best

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