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Thread: Civ 5 starts fine; becomes unbearably slow

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    I would counter, with EVERY other game has tried to melt it.

    Thats what graphical applications do to video cards

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    Exclamation Civ V remains painfully slow

    It took me a few hours to merely play out the tutorials even after switching to medium graphic settings for all options. I agree with the theme of this post that the game appears fine only for a moment but turns unbearably slow, oftentimes even the audio speeches are stretched and delayed.

    My present computer is a recent Dell Inspiron 20 all-in-one model that meets and perhaps exceeds the recommended requirements of Civ 5. It is a pity the game play is so bad even after five years. Only suggestions to improve the game play may be welcome.

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    It's preferred that you start a new thread for your issue specifically. Getting a thread back from the death is frowned upon here.

    It might look the same, but I really doubt it after almost 4 years. Please start a thread in the support subforum and include your dxdiag.

    This thread is now closed.
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