I've recently reinstalled my system (Win 7 64 bit) and had to reinstall Steam.

Did it like they tell you to do on the Steam forums:

1. Moved the steamapps folder out of the Steam main directory.
2. Deleted the whole Steam directory (the system was fresh, the registry empty)
3. Installed Steam.
4. Moved the steamapps folder with Civ V content back to the Steam directory.

Can't launch the game now, I get the famous

"Incomplete installation of Sid Meier's Civilization V (53)"

message (note that it's "53" and not "3"). I don't have the software listed as conflicting with Steam on the Steam forums. Tried to switch off my Panda firewall too.

I don't have that quick an internet connection to download the whole local content... again. What does exactly this message mean? How do I fix it?