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Thread: Civilization NiGHTS mod

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    Civilization NiGHTS mod

    CIVILIZATION: NiGHTS - Now available on HUB.
    This mod is a complete overhaul of many of the systems currently in place in Vanilla CiV. It was created to give the player a greater variety of meaningful choices and to balance the ever popular ICS strategy.

    Version 1.24 up on MOD hub.
    Note - This will most likely be the last update, (barring massive bugs), before the new patch comes out as the next update deals heavily with diplomacy.

    Changes in 1.23/24
    1. Increased Tech Times to reduce sling-shotting.
    2. Fixed problem where Large and Huge maps were getting City Unhappiness discounts. This mechanic doesn't apply in NiGHTS because, if anything, large and huge maps already get a bonus to unhappiness by being able to field an abundance of large cities which = Happiness.
    3. Bug fix that was making Research Agreements 5X more powerful than average.

    - Recent Updates in Bold.

    Features in Civilization NiGHTS:

    1. New Happiness System in place to combat ICS.
    Citizens produce +1 Happiness instead of Unhappiness.
    Initial Unhappiness for a new city is +5.
    Unhappy growth decreased to 50% from 75%.
    Extreme unhappy growth decreased to 75% from 100%.
    Military Units produce Unhappiness based on their rank on the Tech Tree.
    For every Tech Tree level, Unhappiness per Military Unit is increased by 0.5.
    Luxury Resources all produce +1 Happiness and +5% towards Wonder Production.
    All Happiness Buildings reduced to +1 Happiness and now produce Culture.

    2. Single Unit CIV IV Style Over-sized Graphics.
    Initial mod load times increased to reload the new unit graphics (3-5 seconds).
    New Ancient/Medieval Military Units that require Bonus Resources to build, (think of it as having to feed them, not requiring them to have a cow to ride into battle).

    3. New Non-Linear Tech Tree
    Branching paths / New Techs / Dead ends.
    New Advanced Traits for all Leaders - Except DLC.

    4. New Science System in place to combat ICS.
    Citizens in your Capital produce 1 Science.
    Citizens in all other Cities produce 0.25 Science.

    5. Economy Changes
    Science / Wealth settings per city increased from 25% to 75%.
    Purchase Costs increased/Building Costs decreased/Unit Costs remain the same
    Maritime City-State Food bonuses only apply to Capital Cities.
    Trading posts can ONLY be built on Plains.
    All Wonders produce significant increased Culture and are also much more expensive to build.

    6. Government Policies - all unlocked at the start of the game.
    5 new Government Branches / 4 Infrastructure Branches / 1 Taxation Branch
    Government Branches are similar to Vanilla policies in the types of bonuses they provide but based on whether or not they benefit Units of Buildings, they all hit you with a slight 2-5% Building or Unit Maintenance Cost.
    Taxation Branch alleviates your Maintenance Costs but at a hit to your overall Happiness. Each new Tax Bracket replaces the previous Tax Rate.
    Infrastructure Branches improve Improvements by granting either Food/Science/Production/Wealth benefits making city placement more important.

    7. Cities Level-Up!
    1. Cities now provide bonus Production/Gold/Food based on their Population size.
    2. This bonus is given to the core city tile at various size increments (1/6/13/20/27 etc).
    3. The City tile will have a minimum yield of 2/2/1.
    a. Yields of 2 are immediately granted +1 on a build.
    b. Yields of 1 are immediately granted +1 on a build.
    c. Yields of 0 are immediately boosted to their initial Vanilla level of 2, 2, or 1.
    d. Every tile that has an initial yield of 2 will level up (+1) at Population 6.
    e. Every tile that has an initial yield of 1 will level up (+1) at Population 6.
    f. Every tile that has an initial yield of 0 will level up at Population 13.
    g. Rivers still grant their bonus GOLD towards tiles as in Vanilla CiV.
    h. Forests are recognized as features and if a city is built on top of one, it will look at what the terrain underneath is to determine the bonus.


    0/0/0 = 2/2/1
    1/2/1 = 2/3/2
    1/1/1 = 2/2/2
    1/1/2 = 2/2/3
    1/1/3 = 2/2/4
    2/1/0 = 3/2/1
    2/2/0 = 3/3/1
    3/1/0 = 4/2/1

    Building on a tile that is already good for food gives increasing food bonuses a la the 3/1/0 tile. Conversely, building on a jack-of-all-trades tile like a 1/1/1 will provide more immediate balanced bonuses. On turns (1)/6/13/20/27 etc, ALL tiles with at least an initial yield of 1 will receive a +1 bonus. Any tiles that have an initial yield of 0 will not receive their first bonus until turn 13.

    This new system means that city placement is ever more important as cities can be guided towards which direction you want to take them. Build on a 2 Food/1 Production tile = Immediate 3 Food/2 Production/1 Gold for a fast growing city. [/B][B]The added yields at population sizes (1)6/13/20/27/34 mean that there is incentive to grow your cities.

    Note: This is a complete overhaul of the New Social Policies mod and the two are not compatible. Number Diplomacy has been removed in anticipation of the new patch but is still compatible. Version 1.19 will be available again once the new patch is released for anyone that enjoyed 0 Science being produced by Citizens.
    CiV Mods: Number Diplomacy/New Social Policies
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    i tried this out and really liked it. However i must admit i did stop playing once i noticed how powerful the research agreement now is. I was getting all techs in 2 turns and just blasted through the the medieval era and stopped playing then as it was a bit like cheating.

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    Nice find Lawsie. There was a bit of XML that was making Research Agreements 5X as powerful as they should be. This issue has been fixed in version 1.26 now available on the MOD hub.

    Note - ModBuddy is having issues and denied updates 1.24/25. 1.26 is the proper next sequential release.

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    excellent will give it another try then, cheers.

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