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Thread: corrupted executable file?

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    corrupted executable file?

    Hi there,
    I just started downloading Bioshock 2 from steam and was running a virus program at the time.
    At this time, i still downloading, however, my free avg ant-virus program has removed this file from Bioshock 2 download.
    "";"D:\steamfile\steamapps\common\bioshock 2\Support\GFWL\gfwlivesetup.exe";"Corrupted executable file";"Moved to Virus Vault"
    i am hoping once the download is finished steam will be able to repair this.
    Should i be worried i may have download a virus???
    any suggestion would be helpful.

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    AVG and really any antivirus program can have false-positives. Just because it says theres a virus does not mean there is one. I would advise to disable AVG just for the download and that way all the files will be complete when AVG goes to scan them. Also once the download is complete you can right-click on the game, choose "properties," and under the "Local Files" tab choose "Verify integrity of game files" option. This should make sure everything lines up properly.

    As an alternative to AVG itself you could also use Microsoft Security Essentials in it's place. Just uninstall AVG and install MSE. MSE is just as good as any program out there and in my experience only suffers from fewer false-positives.

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    You can be sure that getting anything over Steam will be legit.

    headkase gave good advice.

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